Monday 26 August 2013

My Current Playlist Favs!


I was just YouTube-ing some music - like if you go to the music section of YouTube there's a list of current top songs that you can listen to... so I was searching what to buy next! As always, the blog - A.K.A. you - are always on my mind, so I thought I'd blog about my current favourite songs that I LOVE listening to!

1. Jessie J - Wild (ft. Big Sean)

The video starts at like 50 seconds - the beginning is just walking for some reason? haha! This song is quite upbeat and makes me want to dance. Right now I am sitting in my living room writing this post (duh) with headphones in my ears and as soon as this song came on my feet started to move! Want your head bopping up and down? Listen to this song!

2. John Newman - Love Me Again

This song is AMAZING! You will want to sing this song at the top of your voice - trust me! Such a good road trip song! Especially if you're going to the beach or somewhere, you'll want this blasting in your car! Oh, and don't forget your air guitar ;)

3. Lorde - Royals

This girls voice is different yet so good! This is the song you'll be singing with your girlfriends at the next sleepover, you know, with your hairbrush microphones and everything! haha! Can you believe this girl is only 16?! Amazing.

Well, that's my roundup for my summer playlist! Listen to the beach or chilling at the park - your choice! ;)

What's your fav song at the moment? Leave a comment!