Wednesday 14 August 2013

Fall Fashion 2013 (Back to School)


It's mid August, you know what that means: Fall Trends is the next thing on our minds! So, I did some research and gathered some of the major trends for the up coming months!

Fall is my favourite season for multiple reasons, a) it's my Birthday Month! b) the weather is getting colder and c) the fashion is ALWAYS best in Fall - Always.
Fall is also when the leaves turn golden and the air is crisper yet the sun still shines... well I guess it always shines, but you know what I mean!

1, 2, 3
Searching for the 2013 fall trends I found something: it's practically the same trends as the year before. During the fall months there are the typical trends including plaid/flannel shirts, leather jackets and fur-trimmed coats. Well, this season includes those as well as some further specific trends.
There is the trend of Khaki once again, this time focusing more on the camouflage print, think leggings, Keds and backpacks in that print, that would be great for back-to-school. You could easily add a leather jacket to be even more trendy!
More with leather, circle skirts are really in for summer at the moment and leather circle skirts paired with tights will be trendy during fall, too! A nice transition piece, that is!
Also, oversize, boyfriend-style flannel shirts are a huge trend, wear them unbuttoned with a pair of jeans and a top and bam: you're suited for fall.

A newer style this year is the vintage-inspired which includes peter-pan collars (which I am in LOVE with but wish I could pull off better) and vintage prints, as seen worn by the gorgeous, Lily Collins in the picture above (source).

As for shoes, thick heels are hugely in - this is great for me as I have a pair of boots with a thick heel that I absolutely adore and cannot wait to get my footsies into! I think ankle boots with a thick heel are so cute and go with skirts and pants alike! These are some of my favourites I found online:

1, 2, 3, 4

As well as the biker trend, there is the military trend - as always, but these are the trends that scream 'Fall is Here'. 
As well as that, the winter whites are brought into fall this year. Wearing completely white attire is on trend and wear this or shades of blues and you won't be stopped by the fashion police! ;)

Okay, so that's my fall roundup, hopefully you get ideas for back to school. I may do whole outfits for fall closer to the time, kind of like what I did for the Fourth of July outfit ideas

Let me know what your favourite trend is for this fall!

Keep blooming, berries!