Sunday 22 September 2013

Autumn/Winter 2013 Makeup Trends


Firstly, I want to say Hello Fall! Today marks the first day of fall, hence why I decided to write this for today! Many people think that Fall/Autumn starts on the 1st of September but it's actually towards the end of September - huh? Who woulda known? haha!

Okay, so I was going through many articles on Fashion Week, and 2014 summer/spring trends that I thought I'd just take one step back and put together a Fall-Autumn (whatever you want to call it) and Winter 2013 Makeup trends - talk about living in the moment, hey?!

So there were some that really stood out to me:

Focus on the EYES
The eyes are the 'centre-piece' of this makeup look - this would be perfect for a night out, also blue compliments many eye shades, so it is definitely something you can try out. Also note the nude-ish lips and cheek colour - and how they're very much the same shade. That's also trendy.

Liquid-Lined Liner
Liquid liner was seen in a variety of places, Alexander Wang had a very simple thin lined look as well as nude everything - very minimalistic - and on the contrary was this Dolce & Gabbana thicker flicked feminine line. As well as this, notice the blood red, almost vampy lips - also very popular.

Lashes Ahoy!
Okay the 'Ahoy!' was very summery and out-of-season of me, I apologise! ;)
This image captures the trend of bold brows as well as the full lashes. Not only that, also see the same nude lips and cheek colour effect as earlier (this time by Emilio Pucci)
This image features the full lashes, thick, flicked liner and blood red lips - a very classic look, presented in this image by Dolce & Gabbana, that never gets old and is again on trend this year. Check out my Review for my FAVOURITE mascara here

Smoked Out
Finally, the dark eyeshadow from the first image is matched in another classic: the Smoky Eye. Paired with nude lips and cheeks, this is another great evening look, easily pulled off and something that will forever be in style

Okay, so that's it, fellow glam-ista's! 
Let me know you're looking forward to/enjoying this season! 

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images from: here