Friday 6 September 2013

BerryReads: About a Girl, Lindsey Kelk

How have you been? Enjoying the last of your summer and making the most of it? I hope you have, because I have! Last Tuesday I spent a couple of hours cleaning my room and then the rest of the afternoon sitting/laying out on the green grass in the hot, warming sun. Is it me or have you noticed that when the sun is shining everything just looks 10 times better? I mean, the grass is greener and it’s like the plants are smiling at you! That’s if you’ve watered them, of course – like the pink blooms in my bathroom!

Anyway, this book is one that I spent a while reading – not because it’s a bad book or boring in any way, but simply because I didn’t get time. On that Tuesday I was determined to complete the book – and I did it!

The book is called ‘About a Girl’ and has been released this year. It is about a girl – duh! – who, quite frankly, had no life. She was a workaholic and the life revolved around her job. Without her job, she was basically nothing. Oh, and guess what happens? She gets fired. Haha! Nice plot, hey?

So yes, this was the chance for her to change her ways and see the world from a different light. She was in her late twenties, I believe, had no love life and she was basically getting nowhere. She was expected a promotion when she went to her Human Resources staff at her work yet came out with no promotion – or job, for that matter! So, when things got out of hand, she got a little ‘crazy’! She went all out on a trip to Hawaii and found herself.

I loved this book. It’s full of love, laughter and happy endings! All of my favourite things! I have to admit, though, it is a very adult book. Some things mentioned are not exactly young-age appropriate and would definitely be more appealing to those in their late teens/twenties or older. I did like it because the character seemed so realistic. She didn’t seem ‘plastic’ and unreal, yet she seemed like someone you may be yourself. I mean, I saw some of her personality in me.

It’s a lovely book for some sort of a light read too – it’s not very serious yet it’s not boring and way out there either. A true Romantic Comedy, if you ask me.

Lindsey Kelk is also the author of the ‘I Heart…’ series, which is hugely raved about. When I saw ‘Lindsey Kelk’ on the shelf, I had to pick it up! I even took it to the beach – it was a beach bag essential – and enjoyed being on my beach towel and reading this in peace, especially because a lot of it was located in Hawaii – the ultimate beach location!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would love to read more of Lindsey Kelks books – maybe try the ‘I Heart’ series?
This one is a 6/10 for me!

Have you read any Lindsey Kelk books? Would you recommend them?