Monday 10 August 2015

Summer Special Phone Wallpapers | TECH


"The sea was calm, the sun rising and it was just stunning"

If you're anything like me, you love changing up your background. I'm talking your laptop background, your computer background (Read: Desktop Backgrounds) and, specifically where this post will come in handy, your phone background. Well, while I was in Egypt (Read: 5 places to go on Holiday) I took a bunch of photos, so thought it'd be a great idea to make them downloadable for you. They're absolutely free, of course! :)

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The sea in Egypt was quite awesome. As I mentioned in the Desktop Wallpapers post, there was the shallow part of the sea (closer to the shore of course) was a very light blue - almost transparent. Then, all of a sudden the colour changed to a deep blue. Almost like a bad ombré, if you know what I mean! But super cool!

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Again with the sea, I love setting pictures like the above as a background, because living in a city like London, I feel there isn't enough nature around. There's a lot of technology and looking at our phones all day. If the background is the thing that keeps us connected to nature, it's a good place to start!

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I had a few 'goal' photos I knew I wanted to take before I left the beautiful country of Egypt. This was one of them. I love the way it looks when the palm trees are at the bottom of my phone and the rest is the clear blue sky.

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Utter calmness.

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I cannot get over the pretty gradient effect of the sky! It's so beautiful!

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Again referring back to the Desktop Wallpapers post, I mentioned the story behind these photos. The photo above, in particular, is quite special. It was taken at sunrise - 4am. It was so beautiful in person. The sea was calm, the sun rising and it was just stunning. This is currently my lock-screen, by the way - LOVE.

Which is ONE is your favourite of the 6?

I hope you like them, and enjoy bringing nature to your phone!  Tell me, what is your favourite of the 6?