Tuesday, 25 June 2013


BerryBloomXO is a blog based on Beauty and Lifestyle. With topics ranging from books to skincare to clothes, it’s a place that’s current, girly and forever growing.
The main thing that makes BerryBloomXO (BBXO) the place it is, is the positivity it is based off. Here we’re all about being happy, spreading the love and enjoying life. With regular blog posts 3 times a week (currently Monday, Wednesday and Friday), it’s a nice community to be a part of and regularly visit.


Hello! My name is Puja and I’m an 18 year old with a passion. I want to create a community that is full of positivity. A place we can talk all things beauty and lifestyle from the comfort of wherever we are!
I’ve been a bookworm since as long as I can remember, and beauty is something that brings out my creative side. I’m all for the ‘extenuate your features’ side of beauty, yet if I ever do experiment with other looks, you’d be the first to know about it!
Also, I believe in being happy with ‘the little things’. My sense of humour is such that I pretty much laugh at anything – trust me, my brain is a fun place to be in, and through BBXO, you get to be a part of it! Welcome :)

“I take too many photos for my own good... and then write about them online” ~Puja (BerryBloomXO.com)