Wednesday 23 October 2013

Who to be for HALLOWEEN - Costume Ideas!


Halloween is the highlight of October, even though it's right at the end!
It's great fun dressing up and watching scary movies or going to costume parties but there's one problem... what to dress up as?!

When I was younger I had this Witch hat that was black with a purple velvet trim and a fake spider stuck onto it which I wore for like 3 years straight because I wouldn't want anything else. One year, I found these fake fangs which when you kind of press your teeth together it lights up, so going trick or treating at about 6pm with a group of friends and our mums when it's really dark, my teeth would guide the way! I wander what happened to them...

Anyway these are my top ideas and how to get the look!


Headband - Claires
Dress - ModCloth
Shoes - Karen Millen
Belt - Asos

The good thing about this is you can wear the dress, shoes and belt throughout the year too, so you know you'll get a lot of use out of it! Plus it's super cute! 

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Angels and Goddess's look quite similar yet you can go with the boho style for the goddess and buy a halo for the angel look! 

Dress: Oasis
Headdress: Asos
Shoes: Asos

So that's another outfit that you can wear again and not only on Halloween! 
I personally love the idea for something cute and girly this year for halloween and these are three ideas that you can go with! 

And if you're not really doing anything for halloween or planning to dress up, get with a movie, a chai tea latte and some cookies and wait until the first of November comes around - which sounds like just as fun!