Wednesday 29 January 2014

Bargain Deals - Happy Hump Day!


Happy Hump Day!! This is either the day that you love or hate - depending on which way you look at it. Kind of like if the glass is half-full or half-empty! So, lets keep it positive and say today is a good day - as we're getting closer to the weekend!! Actually, for me Wednesday is the longest day, I have all 4 subjects AND have extra-ciricular afterwards - Being a college student is great (!)… haha, it's not that bad, to be honest!

Anyway, so as it is the middle of the week, I didn't want you to have the mid-week blues, so I thought I'd gather some codes for great bargains to make your day just that little bit better! Who doesn't like bargains?! So, make yourself feel good by treating yourself (or a loved one, if you want), yet not feeling so guilty because it's a bargain!
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10% off £40+ on
Enter Code: PERFECT10

£5 off £11 on
Enter Code: 1304

Feel Unique
5% off + free delivery on orders over £10 on
Enter Code: JAN2014FIVE

10% off Full Priced Orders + Free Delivery  on

20% off all orders on
Enter Code: BerryBloomXO

I hope these work well for you and you find great things to treat yourself with!
What's your best bargain/deal you've come across?! Also, would you like to see more of these posts?