Friday 21 March 2014

BerryWeekly: In the city of London


Another Friday, another Week pretty much over! It's a good and bad feeling, that - well, on one hand we have two days to just… chill, but on the other hand, time is flying by too quickly. To be honest, do you find that the months of Jan-April just SLIP out of your hands and you just don't know where that time went? I find that during Sept-Dec, the time goes a lot slower, or I just tend to remember more of it?!
Anyway, that doesn't mean to say you and I can't make the best of every month and every week of the year!

This week, I took a trip down to London and being in the beautiful city, a blogger simply cannot forget to take pictures… and share it with you… duh! :D

Walking down the streets of Westminster, you could see the London Eye peeking out from the building! It looked so lovely! We took a little break from the exhibition we went to to grab something to eat - we hadn't realised it had been 8-9 hours since last eaten and suddenly realised we were hungry! As we were walking down the streets, the sun shining and clear blue skies, the London Eye was a nice sight - hence worth having 4 copies of the same image - haha! 

I have never been this close to Big Ben. Literally being at the foot of the famous building was astonishing - the weather making it look even better! It is such a lovely atmosphere in the area - clean, intricate and the Big Ben is very practical, especially when your watch has ran out of battery and the iPhone battery doesn't last long! 

One truly cannot get over the admiring architecture in London! Not to mention, the love that London seems to have with it's clocks - see, us Londoners really value time, don't we?! :P

Erm.. another pretty building! :) I love the pretty buildings of the city and the atmosphere is just sophistication with party - kind of like 'Work Hard, Play Hard' - I'm definitely a city girl! ;)
On another note, I got a new laptop cover! Yay! I'm using my laptop now and love the fact that the cover is new - it feels like a whole new laptop (with a much lower price tag!) and this time I ordered a keyboard cover too - it is still black and feels a little weird but I am almost used to it! Plus the cover matches my wallpaper!

What do you think of London, and are you more of a city/country person? 

PS. Notice the new title? Do you like 'BerryWeekly' or 'Weekly Roundup'? :D