Wednesday 27 November 2013

Moisturising Skin Oil - Vaseline Review


Harsh wind makes skin especially dry in the winter time - getting rid of the healthy glow that we accumulated in the summer time and instead replacing it with dull, dry and sometimes itchy skin!

I had purchased this Vitalising Oil from Vaseline about a year ago, then I forgot about it and recently rediscovered it, and yesterday I bought my second bottle!

I apply this beauty after my night time shower. This makes it so my skin can moisturise during the night so I wake up to soft, silky skin! All I do is dry myself after I get out of my shower (brush my teeth etc.) and apply the oil all over my body.

Yes, as it's an oil you can imagine this is not a sink-staight-into-your-skin type of moisturiser. It is slightly sticky when you first apply it, but it does leave a nice sheen. If you're going on a special day out and want your skin to glow, you can apply it 2-3 hours prior and you'll look good!

It is very cheap and can cure dry skin very well. It also smells AMAZING and I love bath and body products, especially if they smell good! The first bottle smelt amazing, exactly like cocoa butter - the rich smell like the well-known Palmers Cocoa Butter, however, the second/newer bottle smells more like chocolate to me? It's not bad - believe me - but I did REALLY prefer the first and am kind of disappointed.

This is the second time I've bought it, and I remember that I stopped using it the first time because it was not good for my morning showers as it would not sink in my skin quickly, hence making everything 10x more difficult in the morning (when I'm half asleep!).. so fit this into your night time routine if you can!

Oils are great for your skin - you may have heard many using coconut oil on their body - which I've never tried but have baked with.

For your skin saviour this winter, give this a try!
It's also on sale in superdrug at the moment at half price, although the product is available in many stores! With a price of under £3 - what is there to lose?

What is your winter skin saviour?!