Wednesday 21 May 2014

Healthy Nails... it starts with a File.


Happy Hump Day! With the trendy nail shades for this season being lovely, wouldn't it feel better to have nice, healthy nails to show them off in? Well, after trying out this product, you're 1 step closer - believe me!

I used to use the standard emery boards with a cute pink and yellow stripy pattern, crossing the board from one side to the other on my nails again and again until I get a nice shape. It did it's job but Crystal Nail files seem to do it better!

Excuse my cuticles at the moment, they're horrendous! Stress has a big impact on me, with brittle nails and spots all over my face, exams are not doing me much good right now! For a quick fix, I just shaped up my nails with the Healthy Nails file and it was so much quicker than the emery board! Literally! And the end result was a lot cleaner.

The Crystal Nail file I got was by Healthy Nails and came with a little case! It's so much better to keep in your bag, and is neat and tidy (plus the pointy end won't hurt you). 

The pointy end may be a bit dangerous if you leave the file laying around but it does come in handy reaching the corners of your nail. This is perfect to achieve the trendy pointed nails out right now!

You can buy this one from Amazon and check out their website here.
Oh, and there's a fun little video created about the History of Nail Files, FYI:

Have you tried a Crystal Nail File yet?