Monday 26 May 2014

My iPhone Case Collection - plus Coupon to PERSONALISE your own!


This post is one I am really excited for you to see... You'll understand why VERY shortly! 
Anyway, so you may already know that I love to watch YouTube videos (don't we all?) and I've been seeing videos on shoe collections, makeup collections and.... Phone case collections? Yes, phone case collections are quite fun to watch too - it reveals a lot about ones personality - are you more edgy/rock star or more girly/Taylor Swift?

 Actually just as I had finished exporting the images, I realised that I forgot to add two other phone cases I have which were stored away - one is from Victorias Secret and the other is a rhinestoned pink peacock! Sorry! Moving on.....

The Pink Polka dot case was the first phone case added to my collection- if I remember correctly. I have the iPhone 4S and have had it for a while now. This case was on sale on Amazon and my friend bought the same one and recommended it to me. Weirdly enough, although we ordered from the same place, mine was a few shades lighter than hers! But it is totally cute and did its job.

This one is one of my favourites. I bought it from my trip to Spain last April and it is gorgeous! I love the girly touch of the roses, and the red colour reminds me of the flamenco classes we took in Spain! It was also inexpensive and I bought it at a market place in Seville. The city is beautiful!

I currently have this one on my phone, it's a bog-standard pink colour with a metallic kind of finish. As it is textured, it's quite easy to hold on to too - being the clutz that I am, it's less likely for me to drop it! Actually, my mum bought this for me from Tortoise Look as it is quite sturdy so keeps my phone scratch-free!

Finally, the newest to the collection: my baby. This one I've designed myself. I added the rhinestones by hand and love the fact I got to personalise it. I bought it from MrNutCase who sell custom phone cases and also a wide range of designs to choose from too! They have many phone models you can buy the cases for and there is no extra charge to add a customised design! The delivery was super fast too - to put it to perspective: I designed and ordered the case on Monday night and it arrived on Wednesday afternoon! 🐵 (<-- I was a happy monkey when it came through my letterbox!)

Enter coupon code: "Thanku10" for 10% off your order!! 

Well, there ya go! Have you got a story behind your fav phone case? Oh, and are you more of the edgy or girly type? 😉