Friday 3 April 2015

Brainwavz Over-Ear Earphones | REVIEW


"I did end up changing the tip of the earphone to better fit my needs."

Earphones. An interesting topic to chat to you about today, but one I'll address anyway. If you're anything like me, the whole thing about earphones/headphones doesn't phase me at all. I'll usually use the earphones that came with my phone. I've got the iPhone 6 and the earphones are pretty decent. If I'm looking for something that sticks more in the ear, if ya know what I mean, then I just steal my brothers earphones and he doesn't seem to mind (or he just doesn't know... whichever!). 

Over-the-ear earphones were not ones that I had particularly thought about. There are the types that look a little like hearing aids that I've seen around, yet never felt the need for them - did I mention I wasn't too fussy? These, on the other hand, do the same job as the 'hearing-aid' ones but are little more flexible... care to read on? 

"prevent that annoying headphone tangly thing that seems to happen EVERY TIME!"

One way that they're more flexible, is that they come with a bunch of accessories!

I must say, at first I didn't think they'd be much use as I'll just stick with the set that comes 'ready made', if you will. I was wrong. I did end up changing the tip of the earphone to better fit my needs. I like the ones which are foam, and not much of a fan of the flexible silicone ones which some may prefer. The thing with the foam is that it's less likely to fall out of my ear - trust me I did test it by jumping around everywhere (what better way to check, hey?!).

Another one of the 'accessories' is a case! The little case comes with tiny pockets inside which carry the extra spongey bits for you, and the little paperwork you never read but figure you might need one day! Plus, it's a great little thing to just pop into your bag and prevent that annoying headphone tangly thing that seems to happen EVERY TIME!

"You never know when you'll be in need of some pick-me-up tunes,"

Just to note: although they say they're over-the-ear earphones, I've been using them as normal straight-in-your-ear headphones and they seem just fine! In terms of the sound-quality, they sound pretty darn good. The first song I listened to with them had a bit of a base, and it sounded incredible through the earphones!

Plus, I think I prefer earphones more than headphones as they're a lot less bulky to travel with.

All in all, a great little thing to have with you. You never know when you'll be in need of some pick-me-up tunes, and these are great way to bring music to your ears (literally).

The Brainwavz S1, as they are called, is available on Amazon (LINK).

Tell me, are you more of an earphone or a headphones kind of person, or does it not make a difference?