Wednesday, 22 July 2015

It's Got to be Perfect | BOOK REVIEW


"If that doesn't justify it being a good book, I don't know what does!"

Many people are huge fans of holiday reading. They'd chill be the pool or on the beach with their heads buried in the book. Me? Yeah, I like it, but if it's boring I'd easily stop and jump in the water.
You may, or may not, know that I was in Egypt last week. It was the week I began, and finished, reading 'It's Got to be Perfect' and let me tell you - it was good.

The story is about a woman, named Ellie, who went through a tragic time where she was planning her wedding to the man she's engaged to when the man turns around and says he's going back to his previous wife. With that being a huge slap in her face, Ellie decides she wants to open a matchmaking service, and hopefully find herself the perfect match along the way. She gets interwind in other peoples lives and forgets the motive of her own perfect match. Will she ever find her love? 

The thing about this book was that the character was so relatable. She was real, things like that can happen in real life, and best of all, she was a good laugh. The story was great too, not once did I think 'screw this - NEXT!', and the ultimate decider as to whether it's a good read? I could imagine it being a movie in my head, hence why I recommend you read it!

With a cool concept, not only encouraging us to be ambitious like the protagonist was, but also letting ourselves find out about more than one main character which creates a dynamic story. In fact, we get to take a peak into many lives, yet at the same time focuses on a few characters so you don't lose track (though sometimes I got mixed up with Dr Stud and Mr Marbella - but you get the gist of it!).

Overall, a well written, enjoyable read and one I was looking forward to picking up every day I was in Egypt. And with a view of the Red Sea, the myriad of activities and events happening around me, I still had the urge to pick up the book (well, eBook in this case). If that doesn't justify it being a good book, I don't know what does!
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My Rating: 4/5

Tell me, are you a fan of holiday reading?