Friday 10 July 2015

Memphis Theatre Show, Seeing Gok Wan + Wimbledon | LIFE


"hear her voice and you think you're listening to an angel"

If you follow me on Twitter (shameless plug ;) ), you'd have seen the ticket to Memphis picture I posted. Memphis is theatre show on at the moment at the west-end Shaftesbury Theatre. It was very hot on the day I went, and boy was I glad that the theatre had air conditioning! Oh, and we came across Gok Wan and past an official Wimbledon car, but more on that later. 

"highlighting the differences in race and separation of society"

The theatre show stars Beverly Knight and her voice is just so incredible! You hear her voice and you think you're listening to an angel. It's so clear, full of emotion and you're just in a different place the moment she sings! Paired with the amazing voice of Killian Donnelly playing Huey, a white DJ who wants to break the rules and play black music, you're just left mesmerised. 

"you're just left mesmerised."

The entire cast gave it their all in every single performance. The set was incredible, the dancers, actors, singers, musicians, all of them truly made the best effort to create such a great musical. Throughout the show you'd hear the audience laugh, gasp, sigh and clap along. It's a show you totally get involved in, with a great story set in America during the 1950's, highlighting the differences in race and separation of society. I thoroughly recommend you watch the show, especially if you're in the London area.

"not only did we get a great show, but also saw a celebrity and a cool car!"

Lucky for us, just as we were about to cross the road to get to the theatre THE GOK WAN walked by right behind us. Looking as flawless as usual, the man and who seemed like a friend were casually walking around in London so we didn't want to disturb them and take a picture, but a cheeky back shot should do! Oh, also on the way to the theatre we spotted an 'Official Car of the Championship' of Wimbledon. I'm not sure how rare it is to spot one but there you go! So, when we took a trip down to see the show, not only did we get a great show, but also saw a celebrity and a cool car! What more could one ask for?

What theatre show do you want to see?