Friday 3 July 2015

Scent your Room with Wax Warmers + GIVEAWAY | LIFE


"The scent that fills the room is just so lovely"

Although it's summer time, I still like to light a candle or two. In fact, you may have seen the pomegranate candle I was loving last week in this post here. The scent that fills the room is just so lovely and the warmth from the flame is very nice! Then I came across the wax warmer. It's the same idea but has a light bulb instead of a flame, which is good for the safety side of things too.

Owlchemy is the company that sells these wax warmers, as well as candles and other cute knick knacks. I must say, though, if nothing else, you HAVE to check out their gallery - the photography is breathtaking!

"a light bulb gives the heat to melt the wax, and the rest is history... ;)"

There are 2 styles you can choose from, and the way it works, a light bulb gives the heat to melt the wax, and the rest is history... ;)

"taster sets with every wax warmer bought"

To my surprise, the wax warmer is a lot larger than I had thought. For comparison, the heat tray compared to my iPhone 6 is almost the same size!

"to my surprise, it is actually really nice - needless to say, it smells fresh!"

Owlchemy have taster sets with every wax warmer bought. It's lovely that they have different sets per season, and this summer they've got the three pictured above. I wasn't too sure on Fresh Linen, but to my surprise, it is actually really nice - needless to say, it smells fresh! 

"just makes things that much more convenient"

Not only is it safe, but it looks super pretty in any room. I've kept it in the study room, and although the wood in the room is a deep mahogany, the sunflower wax warmer does still work quite nicely! 
Another great thing about the wax warmer, that just makes things that much more convenient, is the switch. That's right, there's a switch meaning you don't even have to take out the plug... it's the little things! :)

"before you leave, there's a giveaway!"

Oh, and before you leave, there's a giveaway! You can win a wax warmer and any taster set you'd like. Enter as many times as you would like - giveaway ends on the 24th of July! 
Open to UK residents, unless international are prepared to pay shipping. 

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