Friday 8 May 2015

New TV Show, Summer Inspiration and a Quote | FRIDAY FAVES


"The story line totally hits home in terms of my 'dreamer' self,"

Usually on a Friday you may see a BerryWeekly, and rarely a 'Friday Faves'. Why the change? Well, a BerryWeekly is usually written when the week has been somewhat interesting. With exams just around the corner, my week has been mostly sitting around, so not much to see there, really! However, does the most beautiful Friday Faves posts, so I thought I'd share mine!

Favourite Summer Inspiration:

Looking at this makes me realise that summer is coming! As soon as exams are over, it'll be all about beautiful summer nights and fun-filled days!

Favourite TV Show:

A new show on my list - Once Upon a Time is one I've thought again and again about beginning to watch, but only now have I started - and I'm loving it! The story line totally hits home in terms of my 'dreamer' self, and better yet, it's available on Netflix! 

Favourite Quote:

A total blogger thing to say, hey? ^

So, that's my favourites for the week! What has been your favourite? Oh, and do you watch Once upon a time? :)