Wednesday 2 September 2015

A Vitamin Infused Lip Balm - Proceeds go to CHARITY


"with every lip balm boughtdonations are given to CLAPA"

A little different of a post to normal, I'm talking about giving. Giving? You ask. Well, yes, giving. Yo may have noticed the new button the nav bar called 'Shop'. This leads to a link on Etsy selling a Lip Balm. The lip balm is 100% Organic. It's made of natural ingredients, is infused with Vitamin E and is part of a social enterprise that's been funded by Unltd to aim for creating a lip balm with little unnecessary chemicals to ensure you get the best quality.

Now, where in the world does the GIVING part come into that? Well, the lip balm is not only incredible for your lips, but with every lip balm bought, donations are given to CLAPA. CLAPA is a charity that helps those with a cleft lip build their confidence, and give opportunities to them for a brighter future.

"a charity that helps those with a cleft lip build their confidence, and give opportunities to them for a brighter future"

There are all these talks about rising each other up, bringing up confidence and not beating people down - making the world a better place. Buying this lip balm will not only give you confidence as your lips are looking lovely, but also children and adults around the world affected by cleft (which is surprisingly common) to feel confident through workshops and treatments CLAPA offers.

So, buying a BlushLips lip balm will not only benefit you, but also benefit more people than you can imagine. That's the power of giving.

Get the Lip Balm HERE: 

Also, share this, spread the word and help out all those that CLAPA can benefit by just the simple action of getting a lip balm.