Monday 29 September 2014

Autumn Nail Picks - 2014


"a REAL reason for you to buy more nail polish ...we're always looking for a justification!"

The colder weather means snuggling up in knit scarves, gloves and putting on your favourite booties. It also means autumn nail shades - you know the ones I mean. It may even be a REAL reason for you to buy more nail polish (lets be honest, we're always looking for a justification!).

"range from nudes, to greys to jewel-toned red's and greens are all of which I love!"
Autumn is my favourite season, and this seasons nail colours are no different. The range from nudes, to greys to jewel-toned red's and greens are all of which I love! Never-the-less, you could of course wear whatever shade you would like to - no one is going to stop you ;)

"A staple in every girls collection!"

My Picks (from Left to Right):
FCUK grey tone (part of a previous fall collection): It's a one tone plain grey. Minimal, clean yet fit for fall.

Barry M - Cappuccino: a warmer grey shade, more of a creamy finish and by far one of my fav Barry M shades I've tried!

Barry M Magnetic - Blue: A metallic navy blue shade which has cool designs when you put a magnet over it. Not sure if I'm still into the magnet thing but the shade on it's own is awesome!

FCUK blue (part of previous fall collection): A one tone blue. Not too dark to be a navy - just the perfect mid-blue!

Ciaté - Pocket Money: The nude of my collection. You may have read about it in this post. It is a gorgeous flat nude shade and I don't know what I'd do without it!

FCUK deep purple (part of previous fall collection): The vampy, almost black shades also come out during this time of year. This is a one-tone (notice a trend?) deep purple which is a go-to if you want black, but not black!

Barry M - Red Wine: A deep red, burgundy shade which is definitely the go-to for a glam, Marilyn Monroe look. A staple in every girls collection!

That's it! Whats your favourite nail shade for Autumn 2014?

Friday 26 September 2014

TREND: Mid-Length Hair


"you're about to see the result of the big chop!"

Hair trends are forever changing in the world of today - from the oh-so colourful rainbow colour phase (which some say is still going strong) to the ever-lasting ombré... well, there's now more to the list of hair trends and you're about to see the result of the big chop!

With the likes of Taylor Swift, Kim K and Ciara undergoing the snip, how could we miss it?!

source 1 2 3
"it's a lot easier for the women themselves!"

The chop has made the ladies look a lot more fun, with a chilled vibe. I love how healthy their hair looks and I'm sure it's a lot easier for the women themselves!

source 1 2 3
 "isn't too short that you can't do much"

It's nice that the cut isn't too short that you can't do much in terms of hair-styles, yet not too long, either!

Summer generally calls for short hair - yet this time, A/W 2014 is calling for it, too!

Would you go for the chop this season - Why?

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Brighten your Hump Day - ft. Cute Animals!


Happy Hump Day! Last weeks Motivation Monday post showed you like the animal me me's - so what's better than to share some more today?

"Dog's do it better!"

In this day and age, Selfies are literally taken by the minute - instagram is loaded with them! Let's just say, Dog's do it better!

"for all the fellow shorties out there!"

This one is for all the fellow shorties out there! Being a mere 5'2, I get teased a lot by my friends about my height! Well, to all us tiny humans - I love you too! <3

"this quote could not be more correct!"

Finally, Squirrels have a special place in my heart - they come by our garden every morning and jump around like they're the happiest, most content critters in the whole entire world, and this quote could not be more correct!

Happy Hump Day, tell me: What brightened your day?

Monday 22 September 2014

5 Fall (Autumn) 2014 Fragrance Picks


"the question on everyone's lips: what do I want to smell like?!"

Fall is just around the corner and the question on everyone's lips: what do I want to smell like?!
Well, smells tend to depend on the season, with the summer having more floral scents and winter more vanilla, earthy scents... here are the picks for fall.

"known for the minimal packaging and their amazing candles and colognes."

Jo Malone, known for the minimal packaging and their amazing candles and colognes. This one is the one for the fall season due to the woody notes. It seems very warm and earthy. Available here.

"one with the incredible packaging... known for their signature Daisy Scent"
 Marc Jacobs. The one with the incredible packaging, different to Jo Malone, yet have been known for their signature Daisy Scent. Mentioned previously on BBXO, they had released their limited edition Daisy Delight which smells amazing, with more of a lighter, summery floral feel. Daisy Dream has top notes of blackberry, grapefruit and pear - perfect for the fall scents! Available here.
"not something you're likely to reach for in the summer but perfect for fall"
 Beyoncé, Queen B, the one who dances amazingly, and sings just as good - she's released this fragrance and I was fortunate enough to receive it for a christmas gift last year. The fragrance is definitely warm, meaning it's better for the colder months. It's not something you're likely to reach for in the summer but perfect for fall. Available Here.
"deeper fragrance is just right for Autumn/Fall"
 Viva La Juicy is iconic for Juicy Couture. The bow being it's signature touch has been changed colour into Viva La Juicy Noir. The deeper fragrance is just right for Autumn/Fall and the sandalwood and honeysuckle making the scent seem just as sweet as the original. Available Here.
" super girly, yet elegant, which is exactly what Vera Wang goes for. "
Finally, Forever Vera by Vera Wang. How can I begin to type about this without mentioning the bottle. It literally looks priceless and would look amazing with your perfume collection. The baby pink coloured fragrance is super girly, yet elegant, which is exactly what Vera Wang goes for. Another fragrance to try, even if it's just for the bottle! Available Here.

Well, there you have it - 5 picks for the season! What do you look for in a fall fragrance?! 

Friday 19 September 2014

TGIF: Movie's in the Cinema


"a movie this weekend sounds good."
Another Friday and I'm sitting here watching last weeks re-runs of X Factor, thinking a movie this weekend sounds good. Looking at the movie listings, these are the three caught my eye:

"It's action packed and science-y!"

Although it's been out for a while, the storyline of this is quite cool! It's about someone who unlocks their brain potential to 100%, other than the average 10% that everyone else uses. It's action packed and science-y! Trailer link HERE.

"We've seen the likes of golf movies: Happy Gilmore... Now it's Cricket's turn!"

The sports movie of the year. We've seen the likes of golf movies: Happy Gilmore, american football: The Blind Side and even basketball movies: High School Musical. Now it's Baseball's turn!
Trailer link HERE.

"Oprah Winfrey helped create this movie - it must be good!"

This is the one the foodie in you may be the most excited for! Mentioned in this post, Oprah Winfrey helped create this movie - it must be good! Trailer link HERE.

Out of the three - which would you go to watch? 

Wednesday 17 September 2014

October 2014 - FREE Printable Calendar


"Take a look... and download them for FREE if you like them..."

Every month you guys seem to be loving the Calendars. Well, that means there's going to be more if you want more! Take a look at the October 2014 ones and download them for FREE if you like them... 

Click HERE to Download
This one is inspired by the festive season of the month: Halloween! Aren't you excited to carve your pumpkin this year? 

Click HERE to Download
This one is more serene. It's calm and collected. A simple, yet effective calendar!

Which one is your favourite? I hope you like them!

Monday 15 September 2014

Motivation Monday: Just Keep Going


"be positive and get in this frame of mind:"

Happy Monday! It's another start to the week and you may be chilling in bed thinking... 'gosh, I could do with another day off'... a little like this cute little doggy:

"keep looking up and moving forward, it'll be alright"

But think of it this way, it's going to be a good day. You have a lot to look forward to, who knows what the day has to bring for you.. you may be pleasantly surprised. Now, you won't know about it until you get up and out of bed, will you? So, be positive and get in this frame of mind:

" who knows what the day has to bring for you.. "

If you watched the GBBO last week, you may have noticed Nancy's little quote, along the lines of: keep looking up and moving forward, it'll be alright. It's true. Think positive thoughts and good things will happen.

"Be the best version of yourself"

Finally, think of the kind of person you want to be. Be the best version of yourself and remember, just keep going. 

What gets you out of bed in the mornings?

Friday 12 September 2014

BerryWeekly: A Day At London Zoo

' Having never heard of these unusual creatures, I was intrigued. I must say, they had amazing legs!'

With the amazing weather in England at the moment, what better place to go to than the.. you guessed it.. ZOO! London Zoo has been known as the kindergarden trip - and that was the last time I had gone. Fast forward a couple of years and here we are again! 

'He was (to my surprise) very big and that cage was just too small'

First up was the Aquarium and Reptile House... neither of which I got good photos of (the lighting in those things is not good!), and didn't interest me too much. You probably didn't know this about me but I used to be a goldfish owner - but that and looking for 'Dori' fishes were as far as my interests went with the Aquarium! The Gorillas, however, were much more 'up my alley'

Seeing the gorilla in the cage like this made me sad. Poor Kumbuka didn't look too happy and I wish I could have set him free. He was (to my surprise) very big and that cage was just too small. He would only need to take about 8 steps and he's done the perimeter of the room. Though, it's quite cute that Mjukuu had a little crush on Kumbuka!

Llamas! Did you watch 'Zoey 101' and remember that episode with the llama?! 
Seeing these were pretty cool and later I spot them on a walk with a zookeeper around the zoo. Be aware: they smell... A LOT. 

Donkey's also smell. But they're super cute! Oh, and this camel had a loopy hump - didn't even know that was possible!

'If you've seen the 'compare the market .com' advert, you would know about meerkats.'

If you've seen the 'compare the market .com' advert, you would know about meerkats. They're so super cute and this one thought it was running a little meerkat meeting or something, standing on top of the rock like that! 

"we went during Tiger nap time"

Apparently we went during Tiger nap time. Three tigers were laying on top of a big tree and the daddy tiger laying near the glass where we can see it close up. His paw was huge! 

'was in the James Bond movie!'

Also, we saw some rather famous animals, this dragon (yes, it's actually called a dragon, how cool?!) was in the James Bond movie! There was also a snake featured in Harry Potter. 

'giraffe...looks like they're wearing falsies!'

Also, take a look at this 150 year old tortoise! He seems like a wise one. 
The giraffe was super cute too, they have the most gorgeous eyelashes - looks like they're wearing falsies!

'stripes were gorgeous and their little spiky hair looked adorable.'

Finally, we saw the zebras. They're breathtaking in real life. Their stripes were gorgeous and their little spiky hair looked adorable. In the same area as the zebras were the Okapi's. Having never heard of these unusual creatures, I was intrigued. I must say, they had amazing legs! The way the stripes blended into the rest of their body was so beautiful.

Well, that was pictures from the zoo! There were so many more taken, such as ones of teeny tiny monkeys, penguins and some taken in the deadly birds show. If you're thinking of going to London Zoo any time soon, I recommend the Deadly Bird's show - it is mind-blowing how well the birds follow their routines. 

Did you know camels can have a loopy hump?

Wednesday 10 September 2014

Chiquito - Dinner in Leicester Square


"As soon as you go in, you notice the lively atmosphere, full of fun and good food!"

Last weekend I went to dinner with two of my lovely friends. The place we decided to go: Chiquito. Having it been my first time, I had high hopes for this famous place! It was super busy and I doubt we would have got in without a reservation. Hint: Make a Reservation!

"When in a Mexican restaurant, the starter to order is obviously Nachos!"

As soon as you go in, you notice the lively atmosphere, full of fun and good food! The first thing they do: give you popcorn! This is a smart idea as popcorn makes you thirsty, so you order lots of drinks! Not to worry - you have a wide range of thirst-quenchers to choose from!

When in a Mexican restaurant, the starter to order is obviously Nachos! They served lovely nachos that went down well. Note: they have very big chips!

In terms of drinks, I went with a piña colada - and it looked super yummy! Plus, the pineapple slice was a nice touch!

"they have a wide range from burgers to fajitas to burritos..."
For mains, they have a wide range from burgers to fajitas to burritos... you know, the usual mexican food! I went with the vegetarian quesadilla. It was good. I tried the vegetarian burrito and was not a huge fan. The filling of both the quesadilla and burrito was both basically the same, but the burrito had a lot more of it.

As for desserts, we chose the 'Mexican Mess' which was basically meringue with churros, brownie bits, ice cream, chocolate fudge sauce and strawberries in a bowl, topped with whipped cream (picture above)! It was a bit of everything and was scrumptious... definitely recommend

"Leicester Square, people playing musical instruments, the fountain going and the lights looking gorgeous "

The lovely thing about it was also the view. Sitting on the ledges on Leicester Square, people playing musical instruments, the fountain going and the lights looking gorgeous - it was the perfect setting. We also went to Yates, a club near chiquitos - which is also worth a visit if you go to the L. Square Chiquito's.

The Verdict: To me, chiquitos is like any other mexican restaurant. Nothing special or unique about it, yet a lovely place all the same.

Are you a fan of Mexican Food... or prefer another cuisine?

Monday 8 September 2014

Cotton Candy Grapes - The Verdict


If you haven't heard of Cotton Candy Grapes, where have you been?! They've been all over Twitter, YouTube and Instagram... and yes, they do really exist!

"not genetically engineered or artificially flavoured"
How are they made? They have not genetically engineered or artificially flavoured the grapes, but have used pollination techniques to create this unique flavour! So, they genuinely are grapes, and they actually (sort of) taste like the good-old Candy Floss you get at summer fun fairs and carnivals!

"'WAIIITTT!', paced it to the fruit isle... searching all over for the green grapes with 'Cotton Candy' written on..."
I went to my local Tesco yesterday and only when I was at the till did I remember about the Cotton Candy Grapes. So, obviously, I said 'WAIIITTT!', paced it to the fruit isle and was searching all over for the green grapes with 'Cotton Candy' written on the package. To my delight, they were there! At £2.50 for the punnet, I was delighted. You can bet I opened it as soon as I got in the car!

"get excited: there's going to be tropical flavour grapes next!"
Instantly, the taste of candy floss came into my mouth. The taste doesn't last the whole time you're eating the grape, but the initial taste is candy floss. Having said that, some grapes taste more candy-flossy than others.

Overall, it's a lovely idea! Oh, and get excited: there's going to be tropical flavour grapes next!
What do you think about Cotton Candy Grapes, or do you think it's over-rated? 

PS. these grapes are available in Waitrose, M&S, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda.

Friday 5 September 2014

5 Reasons You need Pyjama Days


You may still be on summer break, may just have started school/college/university again or may be doing whatever you're doing on this fine Friday but the question is: Are YOU a fan of Pyjama Days?

"they're mentally, and physically, called for... and here's why"

Pyjama Days are usually Sundays, but can obviously be any day that fits in your schedule, yet there's something about them that is just... satisfying. For me, Pyjama Days are literally relaxing, watching YouTube videos or Telly, having a few treats and just... chilling. :)

So, although Pyjama Day's may not be the most productive days, they're mentally, and physically, called for and needed, and here's why:

1. They set you up for the week
When you have a rest day, it makes you feel rejuvenated and ready for the more productive week ahead. So, taking a step back is definitely the way forward!

2. Catch Up with Yourself
Having a non-planned day can allow you to catch up with yourself, in terms of little things that may need organising, catching up with your favourite TV shows and just doing what you want to do, not what needs to be done.

3. Actually allows you to Relax
During the week, stress can really build up, and what better way to release it then a nice pyjama day, with basically a do-nothing, stress-free, comfortable day!

4. Call it Official
I know some people who like to stay in pyjama's until they need to change into proper clothes, but for me, this isn't feasible. The reason being is that I feel somewhat 'lazy' if I stay in Pyjama's ALL the time - so having a nice shower in the morning and putting on actual clothes (not PJ's) makes me feel as though the day has really started, so having Pyjama Days, it makes it official that it is a day to relax, not just any other day.

5. A Chance to Appreciate Your Productiveness
This one may seem a little far fetched, but it's true all the same: when you have a day which is, lets be honest, not productive at all, it makes us miss the feeling of doing something productive - hence overall, making us more productive people!

So, do you have Pyjama Days, and what's your favourite thing about them?

Wednesday 3 September 2014

BerryReads: LA Candy - Review


"basically reality TV in the form of a book - drama  with no depth."
Although it was only the other day the Autumn Reading Wish List was released, the last novel read still deserves a feature on BBXO! L.A. Candy, the first of many novels written by the lovely Lauren Conrad, was the pick of the week and here's the summary:

Lets start with the end, it was unexpected. I was literally confused as to whether or not there were pages missing at the end. You are left with not exactly knowing what happens, and oddly wanting more. I say 'oddly' as you just want a proper ending! Definitely a book considered as ending on a cliffhanger.

The storyline was loosely based on the authors' career as a reality show star, which is also a similar storyline to her other novel, previously reviewed on BBXO, called 'The Fame Game'. It was definitely a light read, with obvious things-that-only-happen-in-movies moments throughout the entire book. I would also say this was basically reality TV in the form of a book - drama  with no depth.

Being it Lauren Conrad's first novel, she did an amazing job. If you're one looking for a light read, feeling a bit like you're reading a magazine at times and others when you really do empathise with the characters - this one is for you!

What do you think of TV show stars turned authors? 

Monday 1 September 2014

CHANEL Fall 2014 Nail Collection


"hello to darker, deeper and neutral shades"
I feel like a broken record when I say this but autumn is literally around the corner now, meaning bye-bye to neon, pastel and bright nails and hello to darker, deeper and neutral shades. 

"Saying bye-bye to neon shades won't be that bad"
Chanel released their new Fall 2014 collection with these three shades, two of which are lighter neutrals and one a navy blue. The neutrals are great additions to any collection as they could easily pass off as summer shades, yet this range has been said to be streaky. They say you'll need a good 3 coats to get a solid good colour on your nails.

Saying bye-bye to neon shades won't be that bad, as the deeper, darker and neutral shades are more my cup of tea! Which do you prefer: neons or darker shades? 

*Images from