Friday 29 May 2015

The BEST Pant Trend this Summer | FASHION


"I can wear the comfiest form of pants out in public and still look pretty pulled together"

As mentioned a million and one times on this blog, Summer is coming. Summer is not what it is without some floral print, am I right? Basically my summer wardrobe has a lot of florals. Though, it had lots of floral tops and floral dresses, yet no floral... pants.
Before we go on, let's clarify: I mean pants standing for bottoms/trousers not underwear :)
LEFT TO RIGHT: TopShop, Asda by George

I love the way these look. They're almost chinos but not quite in that category. The pants pictured on the right are from TopShop who name them 'cigarette' trousers. Well, I don't really want to call them that but you get the point - they're different. You can choose to dress them up with some heels or dress them down with a casual/plain top and some flats (possibly toms).

LEFT TO RIGHT: Forever21TopShop

As well as these beauties in the trouser, more structured, form, you can totally opt for the, well, less-structured form: the joggers! Who doesn't like joggers?! If you tell me I can wear the comfiest form of pants out in public and still look pretty pulled together - I'm sold. Let me tell you, I might just have about a million pairs by the end of the summer and I won't judge you if you do too! ;)

So, what do you think of the 'trend'? 

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Top 3 Theatre Shows in London ft. EventBrite | LIFE


source, source, source
"The one that makes you go 'Kaaaawapungaaaaaa....'  because you don't know the actual lyrics but it gets you singing along anyway"

Living in a city, you have things going on left, right and centre. There's always something to do, and sometimes you just don't know where to start!

With summer just around the corner (for some it's already started - you lucky people!) ideas to add to the 'bucket list' is usually a fun place to start, and what more than a few good theatre shows to get you going.

I've been a fan of theatre shows for, like, ever - but don't tend to go as often as I'd like. I've seen Oliver, the Twists and the Lion King, to name a few, and they were super fun! So, if you're in the London area this summer, or wherever you are, go and watch a theatre show and let me know what you think!

Here are the Top 3 I'd recommend/am eager to see myself:

1. Wicked

The very well known show thats been running for years. It seems great, and as I'm now a fan of 'Once Upon a Time', I can see myself loving the show. Although, a few of my friends who've seen it say it wasn't as good as it's lived up to be. However, it has been a great success and has been running for such a long time - so I guess I'll just have to see for myself!

2. Matilda

Do you remember the movie? I loved that movie. I have been a huge fan of reading books since a very young age, so of course I'd love little Matilda. This one is a bit newer than Wicked, yet it's received the 5* rating and I really want to see how they've transformed the movie into a play!

3. The Lion King

You know that iconic song from The Lion King? The one that makes you want to belt out and sing along? The one that makes you go 'Kaaaawapungaaaaaa....'  because you don't know the actual lyrics but it gets you singing along anyway - yep, imagine that in the theatre! Having seen this show, I cannot recommend it enough. It is absolutely amazing! Prepare to have your breath taken away, and fall in love with Simba all over again (secretly wishing you could own a pet lion - who doesn't?!).

So there are a few shows going on in London. Actually, Eventbrite are currently running something called the 'Hometown Hunt' project, where you can find out about the events going on in your local area (a lot of them are free). The events run from music festivals to classes to arts. It's so easy and a fun way to fill your spare time this summer! Here is the link to Eventbrite, the link to their selling tickets page and a link for you to manage your own event. 

I hope you get a few ideas of what to do, or what shows to watch. What are your favourite pass times, may it be watching a movie, going to festivals or baking - leave a comment. :)

*This post is NOT sponsored by Eventbrite, I just thought I'd give them a shoutout.

Monday 25 May 2015

G.B.F, Gay Best Friend | MOVIE


"a feel-good, humorous film that was super fun to watch!"

If you've seen this post, you'd know I'm a bit of a Netflix fan. Hey, I'm a LOT OF A Netflix fan. Not only because of the incredible quality, but also because of how easy it is to access on the telly.

I have a few shows that I like to keep up with on there, i.e. PLL, but then there are times when I fancy a movie. They don't have the newest of films, and some of which I've never heard of, but it's nice to click on a title I wouldn't have if it didn't exist on Netflix. This was one of them.
G.B.F was the title and I had no idea what it was about. Sure, there was a little description, but who really reads them anyway (okay, I do but this was not one of those times!)? Well, "why click it then?" you ask, because Allison from PLL is in it and I thought I'd give it a shot.

I didn't know G.B.F stood for Gay Best Friend, and the movie was about the first guy in a high school in America to come out. It wasn't a serious documentary or anything, it was a feel-good, humorous film that was super fun to watch!

The protagonist is gay and accidentally came out. He wasn't ready for the entire school to know, as he was one of those people that like to stay on the DL, but it all happened so fast and before he knew it, he was one of 'the populars'.

It's a typical high school drama, American chick flick kinda film and I really enjoyed it. In the world we live in where homosexuals are able to finally feel comfortable, which they should, it's nice to see it from a different perspective. Don't get me wrong, I don't really have much to say in this whole debate, and I wasn't planning to watch an entire film about it, but I do agree that every one deserves to be whoever they want to be, and it shouldn't be much more complicated than that. I don't even know why it is - just let people be.

Anyway, it's a movie that's super light-hearted, feel good and will make you laugh - what more could one ask for? Sure it may not be the best movie of all time, but if you're looking for a simple movie that's readily available on Netflix (and you're a PLL fan), give this a shot!

Tell me, what do you look for in a movie? 

Friday 22 May 2015

A Walk to Remember, Nicholas Sparks | BOOKS


"They're right when they say he has a special flair with writing - he really does"

A little while ago I told you about my experiences with The Lucky One (see post here). It was a no-brainer to pick up another Nicholas Sparks book, and this was the one that I chose. Quite frankly, it's another movie I have not yet seen, so I wanted to flick through the book before watched the film. Was it as good as The Lucky One?

"It was cute, romantic and heartwarming"

Well, it was another easy read - one that I found I did not get bored of, and I get bored of a lot of books quite easily. If it keeps me on my toes, and I'm not thinking about stopping reading mid-book, it's a good one!

"this one leaves a little more to your imagination"

It had the Nicholas Sparks flair you'd know and love if you've read a book by him before. It felt personal, as it was written in the form of Landon retelling his 17th year, which made it more relatable. It was cute, romantic and heartwarming to see the character grow as the storyline developed. It really does make you realise that there is more to a person than what meets the eye - and it's completely true.

"an overall lift in my mood after every reading session"

Slightly different to The Lucky One, this one leaves a little more to your imagination. I do like the shocks you're given throughout the book, which just leaves you wide-eyed wanting to read on to the next chapter. It was another one of those that you just cannot put down. Yet, when you do put it down (because your eyelids give up on you right before bed), you're left with a smile on your face.

"just leaves you wide-eyed wanting to read on to the next chapter."

I tend to connect a lot which characters in a book that I'm reading, and as weird as it sounds, if they're having a bad day, I feel a little low too, and if they're super happy, I'm super happy.
Put it this way, this book caused an overall lift in my mood after every reading session - and I loved it.

Great book, but if you're to choose one Nicholas Sparks book to read, I'd say go with The Lucky One. Maybe it's because of my slight obsession with Zac Efron, or maybe it's due to my admiration for the character Logan (the protagonist of The Lucky One) - either way, my love for The Lucky One was not taken over by this one. Nonetheless, I enjoyed reading both, and am now officially a fan of Nicholas Sparks. They're right when they say he has a special flair with writing - he really does.

Have you read any Nicholas Sparks books? What do you look for in a book? 

Wednesday 20 May 2015

June 2015 Calendar | FREE PRINTABLE

"Keep those important dates highlighted and have an amazing month of June!"

May is nearing an end, and as always, we have the next month to look forward to. June, for me, will be packed of exams, but it's also a month of freedom. Contradictory? Oh yes, but let me explain. My last exam is in June, so after that date, I am a free woman. Okay, that's obviously an exaggeration but you get my gist ;)

Click HERE to Download
Feel free to download away and print to stick up in your room, your study, at your desk, in your diary, in a planner, in a folder or even on your fridge. Keep those important dates highlighted and have an amazing month of June! 

If you want some ideas, here are some easy DIY's to do this coming month, or here's a list of movies to watch. Either way, enjoy it!

Tell me, any colour combinations you'd like to see in the monthly calendars? Leave them in the comments.

Monday 18 May 2015

Playlist TOP 3: The Script, Pitch Perfect 2, Imagine Dragons | MUSIC


source, source, source
 "Every time I hear 'Daemons', it takes me somewhere else. Every. Single. Time."

Music is a way to escape, and it totally has the power to lift your mood (dance party in your room, anyone?). Although I have to admit that One Direction have the power, there are also other artist that have released some pretty good songs recently that you need to hear. Actually, one of them is not-so recent, but it's still a good one!

Do you remember the song 'Man Who Can't be Moved'? I was obsessed with it, and after hearing this song on The Voice, I was sold. Bought to you by The Script, it's 'Man on a Wire'. Okay, the title sounds similar to the previous hit single they had, but it's a great song! 

You may have heard the news that Pitch Perfect 2 is coming out very soon. I remember watching Pitch Perfect 1 - it was snowing outside and we got sent home early from school, so I came home, put on some snuggly clothes and fluffy socks (you got to have the fluffy socks) and played the movie. Totally a feel-good movie, an aspect I'm hoping will also be in the sequel! 

Jessie J's song is from the movie, and it's made me even more excited to see it.

This is the 'old but good' song I mentioned earlier. Every time I hear 'Daemons', it takes me somewhere else. Every. Single. Time.

That's my top 3 - any recommendations? I have been looking for something like Daemons for a while, so if you know any good songs like that, it'd be great if you let me know!

Friday 15 May 2015

Patience, Breathe, Think Happy & Believe | QUOTES


"I know it's all about being calm and collected, but also not giving up."

During this time of year, quotes are a great reminder to keep one on the 'Be Calm and Positive' bandwagon. As it is exam season, you'll probably be seeing a few of these on here - and who knows, maybe it'll benefit you to clear your head and remind you of the good things, even if you're not taking exams.


Patience is an aspect many often forget about. I know I do. It's all about letting go, having less control and just understanding that things will happen the way they're supposed to - so just let it be. The quote above really does bring the idea of patience home, and sometimes, we just have to accept it. 

"it'll benefit you to clear your head and remind you of the good things"

Roald Dahl, ah the famous Roald Dahl! What wonderful things he said, and things I totally agree with. Happy thoughts WILL shine.

This one's a little different - it almost changes the entire mood of the post. I know it's all about being calm and collected, but also not giving up. 

Best of luck to those taking exams, and those not, I hope you have a great week anyway. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more quote posts on here sometime soon - but if you feel like you would like to read some more now, and you want to be on the positive boat, here are some links:

Smile, Be a Dreamer & Bloom
Be Bright, Truthful, Positive
Fight the Fear
Cherish the Days

Tell me, any exam tips you have rolled up your sleeves? Share them below :)

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Spring Festive Décor | featuring EASY DIY


" grab a glue gun, some flowers and possibly some fabric to create an array of beautiful Spring decor"

"April Showers bring May's Flowers" is what they say, and as we're in the middle of May, I thought it'd be a nice idea to bring those flowers into our homes. Pinterest is a great source for fun and simple DIY ideas that look super cute - so doing a roundup of a few favourites seemed like such a festive post to write in May.

Ca we just take a moment to look at this. How stunning? Of course, you can use fake flowers if you want it to last longer, but either way, it's so pretty! A hot glue gun can produce masterpieces (though you don't necessarily need a hot glue gun, it looks pretty cool to work with ;) ).

Mason Jar's have made their debut this past year, and I must admit, they're super cute and oh-so versatile! This ombré affect looks wonderful, and the hydrangeas are beautiful. Luckily we have a few hydrangea plants in our garden (see picture here), so as soon as they grow, this will be a lovely way to display them!

"you could totally gift it to someone, and I'm sure they'd love it!"

I have a thing for wooden furniture, and I love the way this looks. In fact, although I'm a bit of a glass fanatic too, the contrast of the modern glass with the wooden piece would look gorgeous (ideas for my future home..).

Have you seen the little hanging succulents around instagram? This reminds me a little of that. Oh, and what cute little way to up-cycle old light bulbs?!

"what better way to make the perfect quote pillow than make it yourself?"

As well as having a thing for wooden stuff, I have a thing for cushions. If you've seen my bed, I have about 7 pillows, which might be a bit excessive for some, but I love it! For those on the same wavelength as me, you can never have too many pillows, right?

Pillows with quotes are lovely and inspiring, and what better way to make the perfect quote pillow than make it yourself? You can choose your own fabric, particular shades of colour and your favourite quote! Using Spring prints and pastel shades will look beautiful during this season!

So why not grab a glue gun, some flowers and possibly some fabric to create an array of beautiful Spring decor to spruce up your home. Even better, you could totally gift it to someone, and I'm sure they'd love it!

Tell me, what are your favourite DIY's to do with flowers? Oh, and your favourite type of flower?

Monday 11 May 2015

Top 6 Spring/Summer Dresses - Under $10 | FASHION


"great for the various events throughout the season"
Dresses were made for Spring and Summer (well, I guess you could pull it off during the autumn and winter too, but ideally, it's Spring and Summer) and who would believe you could get some super pretty ones for less than $10! Whether you're a student watching your budget, or just don't want to splurge on the dress where the trend may not last until next summer - heck, if you just simply like the dresses, regardless of the price tag, read on.

Isn't it stunning?! I love stripes and the yellow border just makes this dress that extra special. You know they say yellow is the happiest colour? Well, doesn't this dress make you happy! 
Buy here.

I saw this dress and instantly thought of laying by the pool or beach, chilling under the sun. Having said that, the piece could also be dressed up with some heels and a cute clutch. Either way, a versatile piece that could be a gem in any collection.
Buy here.

So it looks like two different pieces, but really it's just one. The thing that caught my eye with this one, is that it's unique. Oh, and it's super cute! 
Buy here.

Totally a casual dress - my favourites! This one that's probably harder to dress up - but perfect for a picnic-in-the-park kind of day.
Buy here.

Did I mention I have a thing for stripes?
Buy here.

Denim is practically always a trend for Spring/Summer, and a denim dress is totally a nice way to incorporate it. Another one for the picnic-in-the-park kind of day!
Buy here.

So 6 dresses under $10, and all great for the various events throughout the season.
Tell me, what do you think of stripes? Fan or not-so-much? 

PS. I believe they ship worldwide ;)

Friday 8 May 2015

New TV Show, Summer Inspiration and a Quote | FRIDAY FAVES


"The story line totally hits home in terms of my 'dreamer' self,"

Usually on a Friday you may see a BerryWeekly, and rarely a 'Friday Faves'. Why the change? Well, a BerryWeekly is usually written when the week has been somewhat interesting. With exams just around the corner, my week has been mostly sitting around, so not much to see there, really! However, does the most beautiful Friday Faves posts, so I thought I'd share mine!

Favourite Summer Inspiration:

Looking at this makes me realise that summer is coming! As soon as exams are over, it'll be all about beautiful summer nights and fun-filled days!

Favourite TV Show:

A new show on my list - Once Upon a Time is one I've thought again and again about beginning to watch, but only now have I started - and I'm loving it! The story line totally hits home in terms of my 'dreamer' self, and better yet, it's available on Netflix! 

Favourite Quote:

A total blogger thing to say, hey? ^

So, that's my favourites for the week! What has been your favourite? Oh, and do you watch Once upon a time? :)

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Little Venice, London | TRAVEL


"beautiful little area in London that doesn't enough credit."

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd know of the 'mystery' blog post that has 24 pictures. "24 Pictures in ONE blog post?" I hear you say. Yes, you read that right, and this is it!

A new segment that might be somewhat of a thing on here in the future (who knows, hey?) is being introduced today. I don't know what you think of the whole Travel blog thing, and I don't actually follow any travel blogs, but it seems an interesting idea! So, I present you... Little Venice, London.

A little event was being held inside the boat - how cool?! It is also called 'The Floating Classroom', it's a pretty nice view for a student, isn't it?

These were actually the public toilets - the building looks so pretty and the potted plants on the top are just adorable!

The boats are so quirky!

I don't know why but this picture makes me think of minions...

Think they're real people? Think again.
(At first glance I thought they were real... *embarrassed emoji*)

They were such beautiful, white buildings - I couldn't get over how gorgeous it all was!

The building to the right is where our Afternoon Tea was, it's the Colonnade Hotel. See that post here.

Finally, on the way back home we spotted this little shadow figure in the underground station. It's Sherlock Homes... guess the station!

Little Venice is a beautiful little area in London that doesn't enough credit. So, if you are in London, and the weather is nice, then definitely pop by the canal in Little Venice (we went to Warwick Avenue Station and made our way).

So tell me, are there any places you've been to that doesn't get enough credit? Also, what do you think of the travel series?