Friday 30 January 2015

Versatile Blogger Award : TAG


Another Friday has come and almost gone, and another weekend is upon us. This past week I was tagged by the beautiful Jessica from to do this tag. Being called 'the Versatile Blogger Award', I initially had no idea what it'd be about, but have since seen a few of these floating around the blog-o-sphere. 

The basic rules of the tag, word to word from Jessica's description:
  • Thank the person who gave you this award, and leave a link to their blog
  • Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
  • Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
Well, bullet point number one can be ticked off! 
As for point number two:

7 Things About Myself
1. I have been thinking about branching out into the YouTube world.. maybe one day?
2. I watch a lot of TV shows but really miss Suits
3. I used to have goldfish, a hamster and a rabbit (at different times) and really want a pet!
4. I like wearing mens shirts/clothing to lounge around in... they're the comfiest
5. Furry/Fluffy things are my favourite (furry socks, slippers, coats.. the lot!)
6. I'm a total little girl at heart and love bows, pink stuff and am pretty cheesy!
7. I have a HUGE project being released soon, which you guys will be the first to know about! 

Bullet point number three:
Here are 15 people I tag:

8. Jessica from
11. Antoinette from

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Make the Right Choice of Swimwear for Your Holiday: GUEST POST


I present to you, a guest post. Mind you, the writer is from Australia which explains all the beach talk while we (in England) are in the mist of Winter! None-the-less, here's to bit of summer inspiration:

It’s high time we get some rest from our everyday hard work and weary routine. What keeps most of us going sometimes is the thought about the well-deserved relaxing chill on the beach in the tropics. Most of us is probably looking forward to the seaside holiday to finally unwind, enjoy the swimming and flaunt that killer they have kept hidden so far. The recurring struggle for many women (if not all) is what swimsuit to wear to enhance their look. Everything you need to know and more is packed right below.

Sporty Apple
You can hardly circumvent the matter of dressing according to your body type if you truly want to shine at the coast. We have singled out the four most frequent female body types and we’ll kick off with the athletic. The main traits of this type are wide shoulders and hips that are narrower. The ladies often have muscular lower half so - celebrate it! Choose lower half embellishments and tapering bottoms. Opt for cheerful, girly colors to soften the stronger features.

Petite Frame
If your frame is straight, you have two options to wing it. You can go for the curve buildup or show what you got with no remorse since you’re super fit and fat free. Exploit ruffles, paddings and gatherings to shape up the missing lady arc, but don’t go tassel crazy and overdo it. Another choice is the tiny bikini to liberate your skin enjoy the sun.

Pear Shaped
Some women are not happy with this shape, but there’s no reason. Don’t be hard on yourself as this is really quite feminine and seductive type. No harm in a bit of junk in the trunk, I’ve never heard a man complain. The strategy is to bring the balance by either hiding the hips or magnifying the chest visually.

Curvaceous Body
No wonder celebrity Kim Kardashian has so much success in the business – she’s an hourglass beauty! This irresistible body type is blessed with lovely shoulder-hip equilibrium, still, it requires a bit control. Select the swimsuit non-distorting print, proper structure with the top and mid coverage bottoms.

Prep for Shopping
Imagine arriving at the mall, spotting the perfect piece and realizing you forgot to shave. Take care of your body hairs thoroughly, especially the armpits and bikini line. Mind what you’ll be showing, you definitely don’t want to embarrass yourself and lose the will to shop on. Don’t take off your underwear when trying on models, it’s a major sanitary no-no!

Where to Go?
If you’re not that particular about you’re bathing suits, you can visit the department stores that have summer lines. For the really picky ones, the best options are to visit the specialized stores, physical or internet based. If you’re aiming to avoid the potentially traumatic experience and the trouble in the changing boots, shop for swimwear online. Most of them have detailed and quite informative fitting instructions.

Pack like a Pro
Women are notorious for bringing the whole house with them whenever they travel, just to be safe. The truth is they are not all that wrong. With all the awesome accessories come the swimsuits to match with the beach footwear and bags. Another major thing related is the hygiene. Alternating bathing suits is recommended. You’d need to have some in stock while others are washed and drying.

Color and Structure Super Guide
Become a true fashion goddess by selecting the trendy and cutting edge colors to wisely intensify your natural characteristics. Lighter skin is best paired with deep tones such as naval and maroon. On the other hand, darker skin tones make the vivid colors pop. Solids conceal efficiently, and patterns highlight desired spots. Ruffles are great to add volume on key places, while shirred fabrics minimize it.

Strictly Practical
There are times when functional aspect should be taken seriously. Skimpy bikini won’t do you much good if you lose it in plain sight while swimming practice or surfing. Sport swimsuits are an excellent selection that provide you with necessary comfort and support. One-pieces are both useful and flattering if you find the one that works for you. Pamela who? You can top it!

Pro Tips Extra
Sizes are crazy today, just mind that it fits. Consult a friend to receive the most objective picture about your look. Swimsuits get wet and hang, so don’t pick the too large. Wear it only if you feel legitimately relaxed and at home in it.

Beach Queen

The perfect outcome is a happy marriage between a piece that offers suitable coverage, structure and durability, along with the cool design that speaks to your inner preferences. Take your bag or keyboard and get to business to find the true beachwear gem for you.

*Pictures and content provided by external source.

Monday 26 January 2015

Blog Recommendation:


"One of my favourite things about is the comment section"

Okay, so I was in a bit of a blog rut, and me being me, I get a little anxious if things aren't done on time. So, I'm sitting here, Wednesday night, knowing my weekend is jam-packed and I will not get a chance to breathe, let alone write a blog post. Then it hit me: like HEY, I love reading blogs, and I'm sure others will love reading this one. So here it is:, run by the LC Team, and the founder being the Lauren Conrad herself - like you didn't figure that out already! 

The blog is quite an inspiration, with it talking all things ranging from clothes to beauty to decor, I can't say it didn't influence the start of BBXO.

Great for a go-to girl-time read and it is full of helpful tips. One of my favourite things about is the comment section. The community on there is just lovely, the people are intelligent, have such great ideas and good things to say.

So, if you're out on the hunt for a blog to follow, check out
Who are your go-to blogs that you get inspiration from?

Friday 23 January 2015

Guilty Pleasure: Kourtney & Kim Take Miami


source, source
 just a care-free kind of show. (It's not like I pretend I live in that amazing house of theirs, oh no!)

As I'm writing this, my current go-to show is playing in the background. Why? Because it's pretty much always on, which, by the way, I'm not complaining about. Which show? You guessed it, it's Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.

Trashy? I don't think so. To me, it seems like some things I actually feel, but don't really talk about with others because it may be something I don't feel comfortable sharing, they talk about it on the show. It's almost like girl-time and it's just a care-free kind of show. (It's not like I pretend I live in that amazing house of theirs, oh no!).

The Kardashian sisters are known to be a lot of things, and don't have all that of a good reputation but I think all in all, they're not that bad, and are actually quite funny! Plus, their clothes are quite nice!

I have no idea how far behind I am in terms of series, but now that I've finished K&K Take Miami, Khloe & Kourtney Take the Hamptons is up next. All in the name of good (guilty pleasure) TV!

So tell me, are you a viewer of the Kardashian shows? What do you think?

Wednesday 21 January 2015

February 2015 Calendar: FREE Printable


This monthly routine of ours has become a bit of a statement of BBXO hasn't it? The thing with February's Calendar is that everything is PINK. Am I complaining? Nuh Uh. Actually, I kind of like it ;)

Click HERE to get
As always, it's completely free. All you have to do is click on the link to get the calendar of your choice and print away. Simples!

Click HERE to get
Remember those special dates, or the not-so-special dates such as appointments and stuff, and keep it in a place you can remember!

I hope you have a fabulous February (like the use of alliteration?) full with happiness and good memories.
Any special plans?

Monday 19 January 2015

Be Bright, Truthful, Positive: Motivation Monday


"this quote is exactly what you need to remind you to stay calm but remember your goals. "

A little inspiration in the morning, to remind you of the person you are, the person you want to be, is good to get you going. Sometimes, all you need is a bit of scrolling through quotes, and here are a few that may just make you feel a little better:

"make you feel better to think about the good stuff"

Ah, the good ol' Gandhi! An image for peace and determination, this quote is exactly what you need to remind you to stay calm but remember your goals

source ,source
"so simple, straightforward and couldn't be truer!"

If you follow me on Twitter (link), you'd know I generally post a link to a motivational post with the description 'Start your day on a positive note' or something like that, so you see that I agree with this a lot. Starting your day with a positive thought is great, and just sets you in the right mindset.

The other quote is great, whether it be towards the end of the day and you're reminiscing thinking about how rubbish the day might have been. Well, in all honestly, I'm sure there is something good that happened today. Even if it was the tiniest thing that was good, it was still something positive and it'll make you feel better to think about the good stuff!

source ,source
"to remind you of the person you are, the person you want to be"

My favourite of the quotes. It's so simple, straightforward and couldn't be truer! Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You.

I hope you have a super nice day.
Tell me, what gets you going in the morning?

Friday 16 January 2015

Red Everywhere, a Fresh Room & a Special Snowman: BerryWeekly


"feel like such a grinch saying that... but it's the truth"

Another Friday, another week over! It's been a pretty relaxing week, recovering from the first week back to college and just taking it a step back. You may have seen these images on my Instagram... well not ALL of them, there must be some special ones reserved specifically for the blog, right?

"great for this time of year where it feels like everything is just piling up"

More than a fortnight past 2014 meant it was about time the Christmas decor had to come down. To be honest, there came a point when I was sick of Christmas decor in the room... I feel like such a grinch saying that... but it's the truth, and that's that!

Instantly, my room felt more 'fresh'. Not 'fresh' in the context Will.I.Am uses it in (btw, anyone keep up with The Voice?), but the more airy, spring-is-coming, kind of fresh! So, from that day, there was a little less red to be seen in my life.

How cute is this notebook? Little birdies hold connotations of freedom, relief and nature... okay, I really bought it because it's the most gorgeous colour! Debriefing yourself is a good way to wind down - great for this time of year where it feels like everything is just piling up!

"this nail paint makes life so much easier...See more in Wednesday's post HERE"

Did I say there was a little less red in my life? Well, I take that back. Shortly after taking down the christmas decor, I decided to paint my nails. The colour I went for? Red! I haven't really painted my nails in a while but this nail paint makes life so much easier. It has a wide brush so a coat is done in a matter of seconds! See more in Wednesday's post HERE. Oh, and so far, no chips! Yay!

"It's the little things in life! :)"

A special photo not shown to the instagrammers: I present you: Snowy.. the snowman! He is the little pattern on my PJ bottoms (which I'm wearing right now, actually), and guess what? The nails matched his scarf! It was meant to be! It's the little things in life! :)

I hope you have a super fun weekend, full with the little things that make you smile!
Tell me, how do you wind down from a stressful day?

Wednesday 14 January 2015

Rimmel by Kate - MARS: POTW


"Here's to another Red!"

Although the ultimate red nail season is gone, bye-bye autumn, in all honestly, Red is a colour that will last all year round. It's a classic, a staple in every girls nail collection and one that will never go old.

The good thing about the Rimmel Salon Pro range is the brush. The width is large and makes it a lot quicker, and easier to apply the colour. It's the same brush as the one I've talked about in this post, and seriously, the overall effect is great. Who wouldn't want a fabulous manicure in a matter of minutes?

"Who wouldn't want a fabulous manicure in a matter of minutes?"

So, is it just another red added to the collection or something special? Well, I haven't yet tried it out but when I do, you might just see it on Instagram!

Here's to another Red!

Do you have a favourite red polish?

Monday 12 January 2015

One Direction FOUR: Music


" songs you'd want to listen to when you're in the car on a rainy day and looking out the window as though you're in a movie"

With a new year (I'm probably going to start every post in January with that opening!), new music is called for. Is it really? No, probably not, but what can go wrong - other than being totally addicted to it and having to listen to it 24/7!

Well, I've never really been a huge, die-hard fan of 1D, until now. Literally, the most recent album, Four, has been on repeat. After listening to the Four album playlist on YouTube about a million times, I decided it was time to add it to the iTunes playlist - and I never looked back!

My top 3 favourites from the album are: "Fool's Gold", "Night Changes" and "Ready to Run". Special mention to "18" too.
*Click on the titles to be directed to a download link.

The album is great because it's quite relaxing. Like, it has the type of songs you'd want to listen to when you're in the car on a rainy day and looking out the window as though you're in a movie - catch my drift?

So, if you're looking for a couple of songs to add to your playlist, don't let any stereotype of 1D stop you. Their music is great and that's all that matters!

Tell me, are you a 1D fan? If so, what's your favourite song?

Friday 9 January 2015

Will Grayson, Will Grayson: BerryReads


"Quite expectedly, as it's totally cliché, the two Will's cross paths and their lives intertwine"

With a new year, the idea of resolutions is very strongly in mind. Although reading may not directly be one of those resolutions, relaxing and spending more time for yourself may be, and this is where reading comes in. On the other hand, reading may well be on your resolutions list, and I'll let you know that this book will make things a lot easier for you - you will not be able to put it down. As John Green is a co-writer, I didn't expect any different - and this did not disappoint

"One of the Will's is gay, and the other not, but, has a gay best friend...that's where trouble arrises"

The story told from the perspective of two boys, both of which are named 'Will Grayson'. Every chapter a switch is made from one Will Graysons life to the other Will Graysons life. They live very different lives and although you can sometimes get a bit confused of which characters are in which Will Graysons life, you can vividly picture each Will's life in your head (gosh that's confusing to explain but the book is totally not). A few chapters in and it is easier to distinguish between the lives of the Will Graysons. One of the Will's is gay, and the other not, but, has a gay best friend. You read the story of how the gay Will Grayson comes out and comes to terms with who he is. It is nice to see that it's not a 'big deal' that he's gay, and he is still completely accepted. The Will's are quite similar too, both like to give off the I-don't-care-about-anything vibe but it's nice to see how they evolve as characters.

Quite expectedly, as it's totally cliché, the two Will's cross paths and their lives intertwine. With one Will Grayson going out with the other Will Grayson's gay best friend - that's where trouble arrises.

Without giving much of the story away, I will say that it's an easy read (the best types of reads!). 'Will Grayson, Will Grayson' has a great story line which you find yourself easily following along with. You're bound to find something in common with at least one aspect of the characters, and it's nice to see how things play out.

Overall, something especially great for teenagers, but not meaning anyone of any age will not enjoy it, very modern and a book you will not be able to put down (can John Green do any wrong?).
*Available on Amazon (link)

Tell me, are you a fan of John Green books?

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Natural Teeth Whitening Kit: Review


 Let's get this out there: it is not easy taking photos of teeth. We can now continue..

The teeth whitening kit by Natural Bliss (available here) comes with 3 little pots and a sheet of paper with instructions of how to use it. To be honest, all you need is a toothbrush and you're good to go. It doesn't take too long to do and with a bit of one direction playing in the background to dance along to, the waiting game takes almost no time at all! 

The kit comes with 3 pots with a different ingredient in each. The curcumin didn't do anything special for me, in fact, I almost thought it made my teeth less white. Sodium Bicarbonate is a well know DIY teeth whitener (no surprises that this was a great ingredient) and the willow carbon also worked amazingly well. I'd say the carbon did more for me than the sodium bicarbonate - see the photo below:

Step 1: Apply the Sodium Bicarbonate to your teeth and leave for a bit
   -for me, this worked well but I think my teeth looked extra clean because of the double scrubbing I did, the ingredient in particular was not the miracle

Step 2: Wet a bit of the carbon power and apply evenly, leave for 2 minutes
   -this was the ingredient that stood out for me. I could really tell the difference after the first use of this product. It may be the stark difference between the dark carbon that made me feel my teeth were whiter, or they were actually whiter. Either way, I liked the carbon!

Step 3: Apply the curcumin on to teeth and leave for a while
   -as mentioned previously, I feel like this counteracted the carbon and honestly didn't like it. I also thought it was annoying that it stained my toothbrush. It just didn't work for me. 

Step 4: Brush your teeth clean with water
   -this is where you can taste the curcumin and it's gross. Okay, can you tell I was NOT a fan of the curcumin at all?

Not going to lie, after Day 1, I was super impressed with the teeth whitening kit. My teeth were looking great: super shiny and lovely. The thing is, looking back now I think they might just be that way because I scrubbed my teeth about 4 times, and if you brush your teeth four times within the space of 10 minutes they're bound to look cleaner, right?

After Day 5, I feel my teeth were not as white as they were after Day 1. Contradictory to the whole idea of the kit? Yes. I still feel if I was to use just the willow carbon, the effect would be different. The first two ingredients are definitely worth it - and you're likely to have the sodium bicarbonate at home, so all you need to get is the willow carbon.
None-the-less, the kit is worth it for the willow carbon, and it lasts about 15 days - with each cycle of teeth whitening meant to last 5 days, you can do it 3 times! (yay maths!)

Overall, not bad but I wouldn't say it made a HUGE difference. If you suffer from staining you're more likely to experience better results. If you, like me, have a pretty even(ish) teeth colour and just want a couple of shades whiter teeth, this may not be your best bet.

Do you whiten your teeth? If so, what do you use?

Monday 5 January 2015

Have the Perfect At Home Spa Experience: GUEST POST

This article was submitted by Cosmetology & Spa Academy. Located in Illinois, CSA is a beauty school with over 30 years of experience in the cosmetology, esthetics and beauty industry.

Creating your own spa in the comfort of your home can be a relaxing and low cost way to reduce stress, take care of your body and most importantly, save money!
You will be required to grab some items in preparation for your spa experience, but it will be much more convenient in the long run. No driving, no waiting and no strangers to distract you from what matters most: taking care of yourself.

Set the Stage
You’ll need to find somewhere to setup your spa, perhaps your bedroom, bathroom or a spare room that you might have. Set the mood by lighting some scented candles, dimming the lights and play some music. Don’t forget to unplug and turn off that phone!
Next, get a vaporizer and use it in combination with the essential oil bergamot. This oil is used in aromatherapy, massage oils and perfumes. The vaporizer will fill the air with the bergamot oil and which will be absorbed by your skin. You'll feel considerably better as it will decrease your blood pressure and heart rate.

Prepare a Bath
Bergamot oil has several purposes and can also be added to your bath. Add 5 to 10 drops of the oil to your bath water and hop on in. You can also substitute in regular bath oils into your warm bath water instead. Soak for around 10 to 20 minutes.
This is a great opportunity to clean your nails with a brush and soap or warmed olive oil. Apply a generous amount of oil to both the nail bed and the hands before rinsing it off. You hair can get an oil treatment during this time as well. With a couple of simple ingredients, you can make your own at home solution.
Mix together a cup of sweet almond oil with a half-cup of sesame and a sprinkling of sweet orange essential oil. If you are feeling adventurous, add in a couple drops of lavender oil. Start to massage this oil deeply into your follicles and then wrap your hair up. You want your hair collect the moisture from the oil treatment for as long as possible. Once you are ready, rinse off and begin your normal hair routine with shampoo and conditioner.

Cleanse Your Skin
The bergamot oil is truly multipurpose and we are going to use it to create a DIY skin cleanser. Start by adding 5 drops to some steaming water in a bowl. Use a towel to create a tent that will lay over your head and the bowl. This will collect the steam and you should inhale deeply for a short few minutes.
Bergamot will help to reduce your skin's potential for any outbreaks and can also help fight against those already afflicting your skin. Your skin will also benefit from bergamot oil when it is added directly to your lotion. Add a couple of drops into unscented vitamin E cream to create an improved lotion for dry skin. This can be used as the start of a fantastic massage oil. You can learn more techniques and secrets like these from enrolling in an esthetics program.

Conduct an At Home Facial
A facial at home can be accomplished with a few simple ingredients and some preparation. You want to start with a light steaming. Select a few herbs and add them to a teapot with some water to boil. Make sure to let the herbal components sit for a while so that the water can absorb the benefits. A few herb suggestions would be mint, lavender flowers, parsley, rose petals and lemongrass.
Similar to the bergamot steam, you want to do the same thing here. Pour this herbal infusion into the sink while adding hot water. Grab a towel and cover your head and the bowl to let the steam come in contact with your face. Keep your face just above it for 5 full minutes. This will clear your pores and smooth out your skin. Then apply a facial cleanser and lean back over your steaming infusion for another full minute. It'll eliminate impurities while unclogging oil and debris.
After the cleanser, you should start to apply your toner. Create your own toner at home with a few simple ingredients. Fill a spray bottle with water, a little bit of milk and a couple drops of rose and lavender essential oils. Exfoliate and apply a mask that meets your skin's needs. Lay back and put your mind at ease as your mask works its magic. Finally, add an organic moisturizer with active ingredients to complete your DIY facial.

Massage at Home
It’s easier than you may think to perform your own at home massage. Mix 10 drops of essential oils together with 2 cups of sweet almond oil. Start to massage this mixture all over your body, beginning with the soles of your feet and moving upwards. Use long and smooth strokes to massage the oil into your skin and relieve any stress you may have. Once you've massaged the oil onto your entire body, wrap yourself in a couple towels to ensure that the oils are fully absorbed.

** Guest Post