Monday 30 December 2013

New Years Manicure Monday!


Again with time flying by way to fast right now, there are a matter of hours before New Years Eve now - that means it's time for a Manicure Monday!!

So, I have been LOVING taupe right now and wanted to paint my nails that shade last week, yet due to Christmas I couldn't bring myself to NOT paint my nails red! Therefore, this means that New Years is going to be taupe!

Now, if you're anything like me, then New Years Eve is nothing without a bit of glitter - hence calling for an accent nail!

These shades are:
 Barry M Mushroom and Barry M Amethyst

What shade did you go for for New Years?!
 Oh, and I hope you have a fun and safe day, and will have a post up in 2014! Gosh, that's seems way weird to say! Oh my goodness, that rhymed! :O

Friday 27 December 2013

Clothing Haul: Shopping the sales!


Deals. Sales. Offers.
That's all that is seen on shop windows right now! Being a shop-a-holic, one cannot entirely resist these amazing opportunities, so why not make the best of it?

Yes, I cracked and went shopping and bought a little more than I needed to… especially right now anyway, after exchanging and receiving gifts… yet, there's no such thing as too much shopping, right?! ...Right?!

Basically, I walked into the store and found that most things were 50% OFF! Half price is amazing for a deal! So I picked up a few pieces that caught my eye...

I bought this denim jacket as a) I don't have one, and b) it was half off! 
I feel like a denim jacket is a staple for the spring and summer months and is on trend practically every year, so obviously it was a must have! 

Next I picked up two of these knit tops which are quite baggy and perfect for this time of year. If you're like me, then you know how easy they are to throw on and look somewhat cute… and be comfortable! I got one in this greyish, brown colour and another in navy blue! 

Next I got this top, which the picture does NOT do it justice! It is honestly so gorgeous is real life! It is red and the sequins and beads on it look stunning! It is more of a dressy top, yet it won't be over the top (no pun intended). It's like a subtle dressy, if you know what I mean! 

Also, I bought this sheer khaki coloured top with gold sequins in the front. Again, I feel the picture makes the top look weird and it's hard to take a snap of it! I felt this was perfect for party-wear. Moreover, this is a total trend right now too - I love sequins because they show how girly I really am! (I even have sequin fluffy socks that I wear at home… but shh…!) 

I then spotted these shoes! I love bows and heels, put them together and I cannot resist! I have way too many shoes with bows on them! 

As for accessories, I bought a navy blue, thick knit scarf which can keep you warm and look cute too! The scarf has tiny bits of glitter woven throughout, which you can kind of see in the second picture with the bracelet on top of it! The Bracelet is made of 'Sparkling Glass' and is very simple yet adds a little extra to any outfit. Being the colour it is, it would also match many outfits! 

So, yes, that was my haul… which is an awful lot of shopping for something uncalled and unplanned for, oh well, you live and you… buy? Oh, who am I kidding?! haha! 

What has been your best bargain

Wednesday 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!


Today is the day. This day has literally crept upon us this year, and it's time to make the most of it!
So, I hope you have an amazing day full of happiness and laughter!

Monday 23 December 2013

Manicure Monday - Christmas Edition!


Literally 2 days until Christmas Day!! Does it feel more festive-y now? I mean even on Saturday night did it feel like a normal weekend!

Anyway, so it being a Monday and having freshly painted nails obviously means it's time for a Manicure Monday! Taking advantage of the date, it had to be a Christmas-y one! I was debating on whether to write this post or not as I have written a similar one before! I had received so many compliments on that Mani, I thought I had to do it again…

So, I wasn't one for a legit nail art manicure this year, I'm more for the simple but glam ideology right now - therefore, red and gold glitter it was!

What is your Mani like for Christmas?

Friday 20 December 2013

London City Lights - Holiday Festivities in full blast!


Being it less than ONE WEEK before christmas, it is officially Christmas Week! Hence proving why I have let out two other Christmas Posts this week! One being some festive spirit and another being outfit ideas! Who isn't hurrying around searching for the perfect presents, admiring the beautiful scenes in town - so find the perfect outfit for the parties can be made easier with those ideas!

Anyway, so like I had just mentioned, part of the Christmas Spirit is admiring the festive spirit in town.. so with that I thought I'd share my town with you!

So, if you follow my twitter then you may have seen me mention that I went to the city one Friday night and had so much fun… so obviously I took some pictures:

This was Oxford Street! The bobbles looked so lovely and I like the way the bus is in this image! Really brings out the idea of our beautiful city of London! 

Piccadilly Circus: There's a SNOWGLOBE around the statue! What a cool idea, hey? You may have read this post where I met Nick Clegg, well, I went there then and it looks totally different! The christmas atmosphere changes a lot! 

Look at the Christmas Tree!!

 We stumbled across a Christmas Market and obviously had to have some Roasted Chestnuts! They burnt some, but it was fun none-the-less!

 Also, I had a chocolate covered apple!

As for my bedroom, I have christmas lights behind my bedstead and tinsel wrapped around it! Not shown in the picture is a snowman teddy (called Mr. Chilly, FYI) and 3 christmas candles!

 Finally, the CHRISTMAS TREE!

So tell me, how has your city decorated for Christmas, or how have you? 

Wednesday 18 December 2013

Last Minute Christmas Outfit Ideas


It being Christmas day in 1 week, the most wonderful time of the year, it means parties and gatherings and sometimes we just don't know what to wear! On Christmas Day you'll find me in my PJ's - however it's the parties around the christmas and New Years period that I dress up for!
So, to help you out and give you some inspiration for this festive season, I made 3 outfit ideas that are comfortable, cute and easy to pull off for many events!

Links for items: 1, 2, 3 
Knit Cardigans are perfect for the winter - they are snuggly, comfortable and a winter wardrobe staple! I paired that with a cute floral dress and a pair of cute heeled ankle booties which make the outfit a little more dressy yet not over the top! 
This would be great for a casual family get together or switch up the cardigan for a cute blazer for a more going out style! 

 Links for items: 1, 2,
Soft sweaters are so warm, cosy and easy to wear! I also love festive leggings for Christmas time so the red leggings with snowflakes and reindeers on them - if this doesn't scream winter and christmas then I don't know what does! Also, I recently bought tan Uggs which I have been loving wearing with fluffy socks in the weekend so I thought it would work well with this outfit! My feet are always warm and I love them! 
Perfect for very casual get togethers or on Christmas day when you don't want to be worrying about the skirt you're wearing and want to be carefree! 

Links for items: 1, 2, 3 
Finally this look is more for going out to Christmas parties and restaurant invites when you're breaking up for the Christmas holidays. I love Velvet Dresses and this burgundy one looks super cute! I'd pair it with tights, black heeled booties to extend the look of your leg length and add height as well as a statement necklace to make you look even more dressy! 
Perfect for when you want to be a little more dressed up

So, tell me - are you one to wear Pajamas on Christmas Day (like I do) or do you dress up? 

Monday 16 December 2013

Getting into the Xmas Spirit!


You may have started to feel festive the day after Halloween, or maybe even the first day of fall - but now it's ALMOST CHRISTMAS!

This advert made me feel all fuzzy and festive inside and I thought I'd share it with you!

Being it the first Christmas Advert I had seen this year, it was bound to make me feel this way! Can you believe there is 8 days until Christmas day?!

What's making you feel super festive?

Friday 13 December 2013

Weekly Roundup #9


Happy Friday! Hope you had a great week and can now relax - either watching chick flicks with the girls, chilling at home or a night out…
It feels like forever and a day since a Weekly Roundup has been writing… what does that mean? It's time for another Weekly Roundup!

Favourite Shoes: 
I tweeted a picture of these slippers when I put them out, right out of the box! I came downstairs on a cold, winter morning and my kitchen floor was freezing, like it might have snowed in my kitchen… so, I used this perfect timing to get out my PINK slippers!! I love these… and I swear other people in my house have been sneaking them on because they're never in the place I last left them!

Favourite Picture:
I took this picture and I can't say that I don't like that the sun comes up later during the day and goes down earlier in the night… so, maybe I am a vampire?

Favourite Food Find:
I went to a Turkish Restaurant the other day for a friends birthday. It was my first time in a turkish restaurant and the first thing I saw was a HUGE meat kebab thing… you know what I mean, right? Like the thing that looks like a HUGE chicken leg that has many tiny nibbles eaten from it… anyway, so my first worry was: I'm a vegetarian, what do I eat?! So, as anyone, I went for a Lentil Soup as the bread they served as 'starters' was amazing, naturally I wanted an excuse to eat more!!

Oh, and I can't believe this is my NINTH Weekly Roundup! It seems like the other day I did my first!

What's been your favourite of the week? 

Wednesday 11 December 2013

Current Everyday Makeup - Less than 5 minutes!


Compliments are great, aren't they? Well, when I wear this look, I get a few of them and I thought I'd share a QUICK makeup look that takes me a maximum of 5 minutes to do every morning before I leave the house - because, let's face it, who's fully awake enough to do an entire face of makeup when you have to leave the house in 15 minutes?!

Something that adds a little extra but doesn't make you LOOK extra is the perfect mix for me. This way, I'm wearing makeup, yet tend not to look overdone - because at a college where most people are in jogging bottoms, this isn't cute!

 First of all is the eye makeup. I love eyeshadow pencils. I use the Barry M Eye and Lip Crayon on my lid, then use 'Erotica' from the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette in my crease.
This defines my eye shape and adds a little depth.

I also curl my lashes and then apply mascara - at the moment I've been using Maybelline The Falsies… not sure it beats my favourite mascara of all time, though!

My eye looks red here - I think it's because I'm tired… that's why mascara is important - to make you look more awake - I obviously need it! haha! 

Next is Blush and I have been using 'Golden Hour'. I found this in my mums vanity so I don't know where it's from. I LOVE it, though and have hit MAJOR pan on it - well, basically it's finished! :(
It was a rose gold shade and was gorgeous! I need to find a dupe… ASAP!
I just sweep this on my cheek bones using a MAC 168 brush.

Finally, I use a lip colour! Recently I have been reaching for my Revlon Liquid Lipstick in Perfect Peony. I apply a bit on my lips and then use my fingers to rub it in. It looks so nice and even if it wears off a little bit throughout the day, it doesn't make your lips look bad.

I also use translucent powder if need be but try and avoid foundation.

This has been my current everyday makeup taking me less than 5 minutes!

What's your must-have makeup for everyday?

Monday 9 December 2013

Rebecca Black - Saturday… What do you think?


It's Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Fridayyyyyyy!! Well, technically it's Monday. Anyway, I'm sure you recognise that song, if not, where have you been?!
Anyway, so Miss Rebecca Black got famous for her song 'Friday' which has 60,000,000 + views! Crazy, right?!

Well, to prove to everyone that Rebecca has got talent, she released a new song…. yes, it's called Saturday and no it doesn't go like 'Saturday, Saturday, gonna get down on Saturdayyyy' - it's very different actually!
Check it out:

I don't think it's that bad - it proves the Rebecca has a good voice too! Maybe it's this years christmas party song.. and will be playing everywhere?! Well, it certainly won't beat 'Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer'! 
What do you think, is it better than 'Friday'? 

Friday 6 December 2013

BerryReads: Restoring Grace


I've been reading like crazy recently, it's a good thing and a bad thing. The bad thing is that it means I tend to go to bed later than I would but the good thing is that it's very interesting and it really does make me feel happy!

When you read you get loads of inspiration and your imagination runs wild! It's good to feel your imagination stretching and expanding, do you feel the same way?

Anyway, so I picked this book out of a whim and cannot say that I would like to do that again anytime soon - and sometimes wish I knew what book I wanted before I picked it out, here's why:

Well, the book itself doesn't have a fixed storyline. There's no one thing that is focused on throughout the whole story. In one sense, I guess there is, as 3 girls become friends but the entire thing feels very loose and there're no fixed connections. All of it seems very unrealistic and I guess it's quite un-relatable.

I found myself constantly trying to find something that will make me feel relatable to the characters, so they can inspire and 'click' with my imagination but I guess that click never came.

The story is very slow paced. A lot of the things you know are going to happen but it takes far much longer than it should to get to the time when it actually does happen, and you're not surprised when it does because you were expecting it. If things took longer than it should have and something you did not expect to happen turns up then it would be worth the wait, but not in this case.

So many questions pop into your head when your reading a book, any book in this matter, however, in this particular book there are so many answers left untold. Again, in some cases this is good because it makes you think of it yourself, however, there just isn't enough information to do this - and then you're left disappointed because you're not satisfied.

On the contrary to all of this, I've left quite a few books hanging in my time, yet this wasn't one of them. This goes to show that the book is not so BORING that you don't want to pick it up. Yes, I agree that it's an okay storyline if the author expanded it and made it something bigger - this wasn't the case.

Overall, I recommend you do not read this, unless you're looking for a EXTREMELY light read with no surprises and very slow paced.
I give it a 4/10.

What book do you recommend I read next - one better than this, I hope?!

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Dry Skin from Cold Weather?!


Now winter is full blown and yes, we're reaching temperatures below 0 degrees Celcius in England right now, it means to say you may be finding your skin getting drier? Even worse: Flaking!

You may think that its the cold weather that is actually drying out your skin - but this is a MYTH.
In reality it's the central heating in your home that is drawing out moisture from your skin. Notice how flowers kept near a radiator are likely to quench up and dry out? It's the same for your skin.

STOP your skin drying out by adding a humidifier to your home, or just your bedroom. Yet, these can be expensive and somewhat unrealistic to get. So, these are some easy ways you can add moisture to your home:

Dry some clothing on your radiator: this means the moisture from the wet clothing/material will evaporate and add moisture to the room

Houseplants: like I mentioned earlier, plants can get dry if near the radiator. Make sure to water the plant well so it a)Lives and b)Adds moisture to your room

 Or, you can simply use a dish of water: place a shallow dish of water near a radiator so again the water can evaporate and prevent the central heating leaving your skin cracked!

Oh, and if you currently have dry skin - apply some vaseline before you go to bed, and rub it in.

So, keep your room nice and warm, yet moist this winter and save your skin!

What's your skin saviour for dry skin? 

Monday 2 December 2013

NOTD - Diamonds on the clouds...


Itttt'ssss Monday - you know this calls for a Manicure Monday!
I love these posts as I love painting my nails. Okay, let's be honest here: I like it when my nails are painted - I don't like painting my nails. However, when they're painted, I feel better than when they're not painted - so painting them it is!

I felt like rocking a lighter shade as the last manicure I had were darker in colour and quite bold.

This time I went for a Champagne, nude base colour and a sparkly top coat. I used a couple of coats of both to make my nails look nicer.

I've received many compliments from people asking if they are gel nails!

The top coat is by Barry M, a jewelled glitter paint called 'Diamonds'. It's very subtle on this shade and twinkles in the light.

The nail look reminds me of snow and 'winter whites'.

I like painting them while watching something…. and that way I am patient enough to let them dry properly between coats! This makes them stay on longer, so I have to paint them less often - avoid chipping and still have painted nails… it's a win, win situation!

Oh, and Happy December!

What's the best time for you to paint your nails?