Monday 29 June 2015

Peel Off Deep Sea Face Mask | BEAUTY


"if you find you have an issue with large pores, with regular use will see them become smaller"

I love a good face mask. You'd think that they're just for slumber parties and to make you feel like you're a bit of an alien - who knew they actually help the skin?! *shock, horror*

Friday 26 June 2015

Watermelons, Cookbook, End of Exams & Mason Jars | BERRYWEEKLY


"First of all, watermelon season is upon us"
The week has been a start of something new. I say that meaning there's less pens and papers and exam seats in my life, and more sun, movies and what feels like freedom! I do believe it's all about the little things in life that make us happy, and here's a peak at the week!

"To celebrate the end of exams, I bought myself a gift"

First of all, watermelon season is upon us. We love watermelon and bought 2 that were over 10kg! That's a lot of watermelon, but it is just so delicious! Watermelon juice (pictured above) tastes incredible when its cold, on a hot summers day!

On that note, I also got myself the Deliciously Ella cookbook! I love her YouTube channel and thought the book would be great to get some new recipes. It was a decision and a half to choose between this one and the Get the Glow by Madeleine Shaw book, but went with this one as I thought it'd more suit my vegetarian lifestyle. So far, I have been loving it, it's lovely to read her story and the tips behind ingredients she keeps as staples!

"totally feel 'tumblr worthy'"

On Saturday I had a huge clear out in terms of revision material. Let's just say my walls look a lot cleaner without a million papers stuck there. Oh, and a couple of pens were, unfortunately, murdered in the process!

To celebrate the end of exams, I bought myself a gift. The Magnitone Lucid had been on my skin care list for a while, and I thought it was finally time to take the plunge (blog post about it here).

"it's all about the little things in life that make us happy,"

I love candles year around, and when it comes to summer, more floral scents are opted for. The candle pictured above is Pomegranate and Acai, and let me tell you, it smells incredible!

Finally, if you saw a picture posted the other day on Twitter or Instagram, you'd have seen the mason jar. I bought it the other day, and although it's not 'legit', it's still super cool and I totally feel 'tumblr worthy'. Is that a thing? I don't know but it's just so cool! It has a double wall so your drinks remain colder for longer too - it's just cool! I got it from Sainsbury's by the way :)

Having spent most of the week just chilling and having the pleasure to do pretty much nothing, I've loved it! Tell me, what has been your highlight for the week? 

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Magnitone Lucid Haul + First Impressions | BEAUTY


Out came the Lucid, and then I was beginning to get drawn in"

If you've been watching YouTubers for a while now, you might remember when there was a huge craze on the Clarisonic. It had just come out at the time, and was pretty much an America-only product. It seemed to have great reviews and I think I'd watched every single one of the YouTube reviews out there! I really wanted one. 
It was, however, a nightmare to get in the UK, and quite frankly, I'm glad I didn't get it then. At £180, it wasn't something I could justify buying, and the hassle of plug exchange and overseas warranty just didn't appeal to me.

Fast forward a couple of years and here I am, holding the Magnitone in my hands with the facial expressions of a proud mother!

When I first saw the Magnitone range come out a few months back, it didn't really appeal to me. At the time they had the pulsar, which is the slightly bigger (and not so attractive) version of the one I got, the Lucid. Although the price of the pulsar is a lot cheaper than the Clarisonic, I didn't want to buy it at the time. Out came the Lucid, and then I was beginning to get drawn in.

"Lucid resembles the Clarisonic Mia, and the range of colours Magnitone has is just beautiful!"

So, having had my eyes on the beauty for a couple of weeks, I knew I had to get my hands on it. There were many bloggers and vloggers showcasing the product, as it had been sent to them. One thing I realised, most of the reviews I watched/read were not reliable. You see people using it for a few days and claiming it to be their holy-grail, others doing a skin care routine video and then mention it's their second time using the product (it's hardly a routine if you've only been doing it for 2 days). I just couldn't trust it.

On the day of my second last exam, I ordered the product from Superdrug, as it's currently on sale for £49.99, down from it's original £69.99. It was delivered on the day of my last exam (last Friday), so it was almost a "yay for completing exams" treat!

I'd say the Lucid resembles the Clarisonic Mia, and the range of colours Magnitone has is just beautiful! There's like a colour to suit everyone! Though I was contemplating between the pink or the aqua, the minty green of the aqua was the one calling my name. Plus, it matches my toothbrush, that's always a plus side, right? :)

"I will keep you updated and let you know it how it's going after a few weeks - so stay tuned!"

As for the brush itself, I've been using it for the past two days and am pleasantly surprised. When you first open the box and feel the bristles on the brush, you wont believe how soft they are. When using the brush on your face, it's a lovely feeling and not abrasive at all. There are two settings, deep clean and sensitive. You're meant to use the sensitive setting for the first 5 days of use, then whatever suits your fancy. You can use the brush twice a day (one minute each time) but for the first couple of days, they recommend once a day to ease your skin into it.

There's a timer on the brush that beeps every 20 seconds, so you have a guideline as to when to move to the next part of your face. They recommend 20 seconds for the forehead, 20 for both cheeks, and 20 for the chin and nose. I do find that I'm often wanting more than 20 seconds, yet I stick to it as I don't want to overdo it. The device automatically turns off after the minute.

"here I am, holding the Magnitone in my hands with the facial expressions of a proud mother!"

So far my skin feels good after using it, but I can't vouch for much as it has only been 2 days. I will keep you updated and let you know it how it's going after a few weeks - so stay tuned!

In terms of what the device comes with, there's an EU charger for when you go on holiday (which will be great when I go to Egypt), a UK charger for charging at home, both of which is a wire that attaches to a magnet-like thing which attaches to the device, meaning it's safer (and pretty cool!). Alongside that, there's a 1 year warranty that you can sign up to online.

All in all, I'm glad I waited and purchased the Magnitone Lucid rather than the Clarisonic, and I'm also glad I caught a great deal with Superdrug.

Tell me, is there anything that you swear by when it comes to skincare? 

Monday 22 June 2015

Summer 2015 Inspiration Board | LIFE


 Okay, I'm going to be completely honest with you and say this inspiration board was a bit of a nightmare to create. I think it's to do with the fact that my brain has been so wired for exams in the last few weeks that it's kind of gone "Creativity? What the heck is that?". Although it may not have the same effect as the Spring Inspiration Board that was previously published (pretty summer-y too, if ya ask me! ;) ), it's something, and I hope you like it!

source (clockwise from top left) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Summer screams all things pretty. I'm talking pretty flowers, pretty dresses and pretty fruit! There are a million and one DIY's for summer on Pinterest and a range of pastel colours for your nails just waiting to be painted on. It's a time to wind down, enjoy the sun and also at the back of your mind be wondering how the time of 2015 has flown by so fast that we're already past half way point?

Yesterday, being the official first day of summer and the longest day of the year, it may just have finally hit us that 2015 will soon be over. So make the most of it! :)

What are your favourite things about summer?

Friday 19 June 2015

3 Wearable Ways to Braids | BEAUTY


sources (clockwise from top) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
"it's a nice way to princess-ify your hair,"
Do you remember when I told you about me becoming slightly (okay a lot) obsessed with Once Upon a Time? The show, thankfully on Netflix, has been my go-to and the one thing I couldn't get over while watching it was Elsa's hair. 
"What? Elsa, as in Frozen Elsa?" you may ask - yes, I say, Elsa from Frozen featured in Once Upon a Time and she looked gorgeous! I couldn't not write a post inspired by it, so here we go! 

"easily recreate-able with a simple side braid"

Braids are one of my favourite ways to style hair. Not only does it allow hair to be out of your face, but it also looks super pretty! For the hot, summer months, you may opt for an up-do, and what better way to spice up that up-do than with a braid?

Blake Lively created a beautiful style, which is easily recreate-able with a simple side braid and a bun. She pulls the boho look off nicely.

As well as a bun, throw your hair into a pony tail instead and you're good to go!

"one I'll definitely be resorting to this summer!"

The third style is the one shown above. Although slightly different, both styles consist of the same idea. Either a braid, and the other with a twist, it's a nice way to princess-ify your hair, and one I'll definitely be resorting to this summer!

Tell me, are you a braid fan, or is another style your go-to?

Wednesday 17 June 2015

July 2015 Calendar | PRINTABLE


"what better way to do it than stay organised and plan things you enjoy?"

We're past the mid-month mark of June, and I cannot believe the 6th month of the year is almost coming to an end! Really? It's like 2015 has whizzed by. That doesn't mean we shouldn't cherish the next month, and what better way to do it than stay organised and plan things you enjoy? 
Click HERE to Download
Here's the calendar for July, of course it's free and super quick to download!
Any interesting plans for the coming month?

Monday 15 June 2015

In The Cinema This Summer | MOVIES


source, source, source
"reminds me a little of a female version of 22 Jumpstreet!"
It's prior to the summer when we're saying things like 'Yes, I will win the Nobel Prize this summer, I'll climb Mount Everest and I'll meet the President of the United States... all in one day'. Okay, basically, we have a million and one things we want to do, but when we get to it, we're like.. 'Right, what do I do now?'. Movies are generally resorted to, because let's face it, a trip to the cinema is much more likely to happen than climbing Mt. Everest! So, without further ado, here are a few ideas as to what to watch this summer.

The Age of Adaline

Blake Lively is back! I didn't think much of the movie, but after seeing a few posters around the tubes and on the side of London buses, I thought I'd give it another look. It looks like a nice concept, although in all honesty, it wouldn't be number 1 in the 'things I want to watch' list. But that's just me, maybe it'll tickle your fancy? 

Pitch Perfect 2

I remember watching the first one, on a snowy day when everything in London got cancelled due to bad weather! It was lovely, and better than I had expected. That being said, I'm looking forward to this one. After watching the trailer, it reminds me a little of a female version of 22 Jumpstreet! What do you think?

Mr Holmes

So the BBC absolutely nailed the Sherlock series. Honestly, anyone that has ever seen an episode of Sherlock is always raving about it, so if you haven't yet - DO. I remember watching the Sherlock Holmes movie, before the whole BBC show, in the cinema and it was not to my liking. Okay, basically it was bore-ring! This, however, it's a different concept. Sherlock years older seeing people gasp at the sight of 221B Baker Street yet them not recognising the man himself steps behind them. His last case? Well, it better be a good one, and I do hope the movie is not a let down - especially after the brilliant Cumberbatch played the role so greatly. 

Do you have your eye on any movie in particular? Do let us know! :)

Friday 12 June 2015

The Two Sides of Taylor Swift - Bad Blood Mashup | MUSIC


source, source
"Heck, even the thought of it seems impossible"

We know that Taylor Swift can do no wrong. So when you're given two versions of Taylor Swift in one video, it's a bit overwhelming at first, but then you begin to love it! Bad Blood is an awesome song, with a pretty cool video (Karlie Kloss would like it made into a movie, and I agree!), so you'd never think of mashing it up with Never Getting Back Together. Heck, even the thought of it seems impossible.

Well, expect the unexpected because this mashup is done incredibly well! Credits to the 'editor' because it's actually pretty cool!

So tell me, what do you think? Is it too much T-Swift or can you agree it's a great mashup? 

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Be Happy, a Genius & Dream | QUOTES


"Everyone is a genius in their own way. You don't need grades to prove it"

Remember me telling you there'll be a lot of these quotes in these few weeks (post here)? Well, here's another one of those, and this one's got a bit more variety. 


By variety, I feel the post has it's toes dipped in lots of different pools.

It's got the talk about happy.. 
I believe in this whole heartedly. One way to bring this home is the blog itself. I absolutely love writing to you. Sure, sometimes it's harder to think of ideas and get inspiration, but all in all it's a wonderful experience. Not once did I think about what people I know 'in real life' would think of it. In fact, I was kind of shy about that part. But a few months ago, when it came up in a family conversation in front of cousins, they all seemed pretty impressed! I felt proud, but as I'm quite an awkward person, I felt quite shy too! The big picture though, I do it because it makes me happy, not to impress, and I hope that comes through the posts :)


It's got the talk about geniuses...
It is exam time after all, and I couldn't help but put this quote up for you to see. It's something that is so true, and thought about too little. Everyone is a genius in their own way. You don't need grades to prove it.


And it's got the talk about dreams... 
This one is pretty simple but also true. It relates to the idea that you should do things for you, not to impress. Things that make you happy, and things that make you feel motivated and inspired. If someone is telling you it is way to difficult for you to achieve something you've been working on, prove them wrong, and do it anyway. You know what they say, you've only failed if you haven't tried! 

Well, that's it, the post about Happiness, Geniuses and Dreams. I hope it get's you a little more motivated and makes you realise what your goals are in life, whether it be a super professional something, or simply to live happy - go for it! 

Tell me, what is your favourite topic for quotes? Is it about being happy, a dreamer or something that makes you laugh?

Monday 8 June 2015

Paper Towns, John Green | BOOKS


"almost as though the book is written with the idea that Cara will play Margo"

After hearing about Cara Delevingne getting into acting, I had to read this. Why does Cara have anything to do with Paper Towns by John Green? Well, she's going to be acting in the movie. I guess a model acting doesn't sound like anything new - anyone going to see Rosie Huntington-Whitely in Mad Max and the Fury Road? Yet, there's something about John Green and Cara colliding that made me feel as though something is not right... until I read the book.

"If I was reading it in public, I'd probably seem like a lunatic"

The minute (or should I say line) that Margo Roth Spiegelman popped up in the book, I knew it was going to be Cara's role. It's almost as though the book is written with the idea that Cara will play Margo. The fun, adventurous and super pretty but care-free girl - yep, that seems a lot like Cara. Although I (obviously) don't know her personally, it's what I'd expect her to be like.

"It's the ultimate movie-in-your-head"

The book is out-of-nowhere. By that, I mean it's a super random storyline, and it seems like things like that never happen in real life - i.e. breaking into Sea World? But it is super fun to read, and there are parts when I actually found myself laughing out loud and smiling. If I was reading it in public, I'd probably seem like a lunatic. Either way, if you're up for a super fun, enjoyable and want a book you can't put down, then this is the one.

"there's something about John Green and Cara colliding that made me feel as though something is not right... until I read the book"

It's the ultimate movie-in-your-head about an ordinary guy taken away on an adventure. "Margo Roth Spiegelman loved mysteries so much, she became one" - I think that sums up enough without giving too much away. Oh, and having just watched the trailer, it seems very much like the book - a lot of the lines are exactly the same as in the paper copy. It's also quite amusing to see how Cara pulls off the American accent! All in all, a great read, and after having read Abundance of Katherines by John Green a matter of weeks ago (which I did not finish by the way, so didn't review it for you), my expectations for this was low. Yet, it did not disappoint!

Here's the Trailer:

Have you read Paper Towns? What do you think of the trailer? 

Friday 5 June 2015

Summer Holiday Haul | FASHION


"Definitely something I'll be making the most of this summer!"

As mentioned in the last post, I'll be taking a trip to Egypt this summer. With a holiday just around the corner, it is more than the excuse needed to buy a few extra things! 

I took it upon myself to order from DressLink. I wrote a post about their dresses, which were all under $10, so while taking a look around their site, I came across these things that I wanted to try. Oh, and one of those things was $0.01. That's right, less than a dollar! 

"Believe you me, it did arrive and it was only $0.01!"

The striped top shown on the left is a chiffon material. It is light weight and super versatile for the hot, summer days. It's simple and can be worn in many different ways. This was the item that was $0.01. I kind of didn't believe the price and just put in it the basket, almost thinking it wouldn't arrive as it's too good to be true. Believe you me, it did arrive and it was only $0.01! That's, like, 1 penny for us UK lot! 

I also ordered a bag and some sunnies. The bag is a cream/off-white shade which I think is perfect for the summer. I have a thing for gold hardware, and the hardware detail on this was exactly what caught my eye. However, I did notice there were a few scratches on the hardware, even though the product came in a dust-bag. I have no idea how that came about, but for the price, I'm not complaining! 

"there is also little slots for your phone and possibly some keys or something on the inside."

The good thing about the bag is the optional shoulder straps. I, for one, am pretty sure I'd forget the bag somewhere if it didn't have the shoulder straps, only to realise, 2 hours later, that I left it in the middle of nowhere and will have no way of getting it back. So, to avoid that kind of situation, a shoulder strap is vital for me! 

It's great that it's got a zip too, so you feel safer about putting some valuables in there, and there is also little slots for your phone and possibly some keys or something on the inside. 

It's a pretty simple, but stylish bag that would go with almost anything. Definitely something I'll be making the most of this summer! It was $4.83 (about £3.20). I still can't get over how affordable the prices are! 

"With a holiday just around the corner, it is more than the excuse needed to buy a few extra things!"

Finally, a holiday would not be complete without a pair of sunglasses. Aviators are hands down my go-to style of sunnies, and when I saw they had these gold-rimmed (see a trend?) orange/red tinted ones, I just couldn't say no. 

What are your essentials to get/pack for a holiday? Oh, and tell me, are you planning on going trips this year? 

Wednesday 3 June 2015

How to Get into the Fashion Industry | GUEST POST

Hello! Want to be involved full front and centre in the fashion industry? Possibly sit front row in the biggest shows. Seeing the beauty of Burberry's iconic London Fashion Week event right before your eyes? Well this guest post might help you get to where you want to be! I hope you like it :) 


If you’re the creative type and you can’t get enough of clothing and accessories, you might be perfectly suited to a career in fashion. It’s true that breaking into this industry can be tough, but if you make it, you’ll be rewarded with work that reflects your passions and talents. To help you along the way, this brief guide covers the basics of getting into fashion.

Decide on a route
The first step is to decide on a specific route. There are lots of roles on offer in this field, and you’ll need to hone in on the one that most appeals to you. From designing to buying and blogging, there is no shortage of options. Bear in mind that you don’t have to go it alone if you want an outlet for your creative talents. Clothing suppliers like FireLabel Merchandising offer full embroidery and printing design services, so working behind the scenes for organisations like this could give you a chance to showcase your imagination and abilities. It’s worth putting plenty of thought into choosing the right path so that you don’t end up regretting your decisions further down the line.

Get your qualifications
Once you know what you’re aiming for, it’s time to get the relevant qualifications. For example, if you want to become a fashion designer, a formal education and training could prove vital. There are a range of courses on offer, including bachelor and master’s degrees and certification programmes.
However, if you’re looking for an alternative to academic study, you might be better suited to the more practical option of taking an apprenticeship. This route can be especially effective if you want to work in hands-on roles, but bear in mind that actually finding suitable apprenticeships can be a challenge.

Spend time networking
As with all industries, it pays off to know the right people when you’re trying to break into fashion. This means it’s important to spend some time getting to know others in the industry. You can do this by cultivating connections online via social media and by attending industry events. Although this might seem like a lot of effort for not much return at times, it can prove vital in landing jobs at all levels in the world of fashion.   

Be prepared to start at the bottom
Another top tip is to manage your expectations. The chances are, you’ll need to start at the bottom, gain experience and work your way up. If you hold out for the perfect role right at the start of your career, you might find you never break into this competitive industry.

There’s no escaping the fact that getting into fashion can be a challenge. However, by following advice like this, you can boost your chances of achieving your goal.

Monday 1 June 2015

5 Holiday Destination Ideas in EUROPE | LIFE


"thought of the whitewashed buildings clinging on to the cliffs and the scenic views of the clear blue sea gets me drifting away"

As summer time rolls around, we're left on our toes thinking, 'Oooh, where in the world shall we go this year?'. Well, it might seem like an easy task to decide where to go, but let's be honest, it takes up way more time than it should just to pinpoint where to land.

I had that same dilemma when booking my holiday a few weeks ago. "Oooh I've always wanted to go to Thailand, but then there's New York, what about that? Hmm.. or maybe I'll just stick to Spain?" It had me going back and forth and I just couldn't decide! 

Hopefully this post will give you a few ideas and possibly help choose that destination, and if you're on the other side of the boat, having a mind blank as to what countries even exist now-a-days, then maybe this will get the ball rolling. 

source: 1,2,3,4
The beautiful country of Italy is quite the tourist destination. However, I feel Italy is known for Rome or Venice, and Sorrento doesn't get as much attention. It looks like it'd be such a beautiful place to visit, and the houses on the cliff look pretty cool! A coastal town in southeastern Italy where you can spend the day wondering around the centre 'Piazza Tasso' and spend your nights sitting by the 'Amalfi Coast'. Oh, and feel like climbing a mountain slash volcano? You can do that too. 

source: 1,2,3,4
Not going to lie, I had no idea this place existed until Snapchat had it in one of the 'stories'. The place where some event about racing cars is being held this year, but also the place that has incredible views. On the Snapchat story you got to see some of the beautiful homes and buildings in Monaco. Located just below France on the map, it is a place that deserves more attention. There's something about these small, yet utterly beautiful, countries that have not yet hit 'mainstream' that feels pretty special.

Go and visit the 'Jardin Exotique', which, believe-it-or-not, stands for Botanical Gardens! The cool thing about it? It's located on a cliffside and looks absolutely stunning (see here). You can also take a look at the Prince of Monaco's Palace or take a trip to the Monaco Opera House.

source: 1,2,3,4
France. Okay, I couldn't choose one area of France to visit because, well, just look at those pictures! Every part of it is stunning, and each part completely different. You can see the coastal rocks, the beautiful architecture and of course, the Eiffel Tower. 

If all else fails, and you find yourself getting bored of seeing all the 'Pyramide du Louvre's'  and the 'Mona Lisa's' - just take a trip to Disneyland! 

source: 1,2,3,4
Every time I mention that I wouldn't mind visiting Amsterdam people get a little wide-eyed and start shaking their head. No, I do not mean the red light district, people, but the beauty of the country. Having seen The Fault in Our Stars, it made me want to see the beautiful canal, Anne Franks house, the peaceful roads and everything else Amsterdam has to offer. 

source: 1,2,3,4
Remember me telling you about my dilemma with picking a holiday destination this year? Well, I was very, very close to picking Greece. The thought of the whitewashed buildings clinging on to the cliffs and the scenic views of the clear blue sea gets me drifting away even as I'm still at home.
Want to take a visit to Italy at the same time? Well, they say Ancient Akrotiri is the 'Pompeii of Aegean Islands' (Santorini is one of the islands of Aegean Islands).
Or take a ride on a donkey like the do in 'The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants'.

So, although I went for Egypt to go and take a visit to this year, these 5 places are definitely on my 'to visit-list'.
What do you look for in a holiday? Is it the landmarks, the beaches or the weather?