Friday 27 February 2015

The Bedtime Tag : LIFE


"A bedside table is not complete without a candle."

The YouTube "World" comes up with amazing tags, for example, the not-my-arms challenge, the accent tag and the best friend tag to name a few. This is another tag which originated from YouTube, more specifically from FleurDeForce (link to video here). Talking all things pyjama's is quite fun and this tag is one I could not pass up.


1. What are you favourite pajamas?

If you follow me on instagram (self promo at it's finest), you'd know Snowy. Snowy is the snowman on my snowman pyjama bottoms. I do love those bottoms for the winter which I wear with a silk purply taupe-y button down top, but I must say, I reach for the plaid pyjamas a lot. Actually, those plaid pyjamas were mentioned in this post, and are probably my favourite!

2. Current bedtime reading?

J.K. Rowling books, other than Harry Potter, have drawn me in after reading The Cuckoo's Calling, review here, so I picked up the Casual Vacancy and have not been completely feeling it. Although it is my current read, I might not end up finishing it. However, it I do, you'll see a review. ;)

3. What is on your bedside table?
A bedside table is not complete without a candle. I also have a lamp, the book I'm reading and a magazine. Keeping it simple :)

4. Favourite sleepy scent?

I'm not fussy, whatever scent the candle gives off, I'm happy with. Generally, the candle is scented according to season - is my OCD showing? *makes action of hand over eyes monkey emoji*

5. What is your usual bedtime & wakeup time?

Bedtime is anywhere between 10-12pm and wakeup time is rarely ever after 10am. Probably around 8-9am is the usual for weekends. 

6. Top 3 bedtime products?

Lip balm is a must for before bedtime, as I often forget to apply it during the day, so I allow my lips can replenish during the night. Also a bit of hand cream and a notebook is in my top 3 bedtime products. It's always when you're supposed to be asleep that your mind thinks of wonderful things, and if you don't have a notebook on hand, those wonderful things could be gone forever. Yes, that was deep. 

7. Your most common sleeping position?

On my side, snuggling a pillow, of course!

8. Any strange bed time routines?

I don't really have strange routines... so nope!

9. Are you big spoon or little spoon?

Well, to my pillow: Big spoon, it wouldn't work the other way round!

A tag that was easily converted form YouTube to the Blogger world.

I tag YOU. Answer the questions listed below and be sure to let me know when you've done it! I can't wait to read your responses! 


1. What are you favourite pajamas
2. Current bedtime reading
3. What is on your bedside table
4. Favourite sleepy scent
5. What is your usual bedtime & wakeup time
6. Top 3 bedtime products
7. Your most common sleeping position
8. Any strange bed time routines
9. Are you big spoon or little spoon?

Tell me, do you have a thing for candles too?

Wednesday 25 February 2015



"Is there ever such thing as being too organised? I think not. ;)"

For a while now, this monthly feature has been a highlight. Every time it's spotted in the top 5 posts at least once. Due to this, I simply cannot let you down without offering another one for the month of March. It is free, as always, so you can pop in the Mothering Sunday (it's the 15th, btw ;) ), any birthday parties and brunch dates you have so you don't miss them.

What's more, it'll brighten up a dull wall!

I don't know what I'd do without a diary, so in case if you don't have one, or you want a clear view of that dentist appointment (or season premiere) you simply cannot miss, just click the link and you're sorted! Is there ever such thing as being too organised? I think not. ;)

How excited are you for March? 

Monday 23 February 2015

Blue With Sparkles: Manicure Monday


"this shade is super forgiving, and works all year round, despite the name on the bottle."

When comes a day off, comes a day to paint your nails. In the mist of February, with rain sometimes pouring like nobody's business, and other times you feeling so close to summer you can (literally) feel the sun on your skin, it's hard to decide what colour to wear on your nails. Fear not, this shade is super forgiving, and works all year round, despite the name on the bottle.

 I think naming the gel polish collection after a fruit is a trend, seeing as they also did it for the other blue shade I have from this line, see this post here. The formulation of the line is lovely, and 2 coats gives the ideal opaque finish.

Compared to the Rimmel Pro Polish's, the brush on this polish is a lot more narrow, and I'm a huge fan of the wide brushes. None-the-less, as you continue to paint your nails, the brush becomes wider and moves more freely, allowing better application.

Now it had been a while since I put on an accent nail, but having not had used this glitter topcoat in a while, I feel like it needed to go for a run. Having said that, the polish is beginning to get gloopy, yet, I'm sticking with it for now, and hopefully it still works for me next time! Who says that accent nail trend is going out of style?

As for the base and top coat, the No 7 ones, mentioned in this post, are the ones I used. My favourite thing about them is that they dry very quickly. I've always had that issue where I get prints, out of nowhere, on my nails before the polish dries - yet the No 7 top coat prevents this as they're dry before I have time to destroy them! Did I mention it's super quick drying? Well, it deserved to be said twice!

What's your in-between-seasons go to shade?

Friday 20 February 2015

The Netflix Tag


The Netflix Tag has been floating around and if you know me, you know I love a bit of good ol' Telly!
So, seeing the Netflix Tag, how could I not. hey? How. Could. I. Not.?
Right, so lets dive in!

1. What are your favourite series' to watch on Netflix ?
Sherlock is an incredible series. It's full with intelligent details, and I can't believe I started the series as late as I did! If you haven't watched Sherlock, you're missing out! Run to your Netflix account and watch all 6 episodes currently on there! You can thank me later! ;)

2. What are you currently watching on Netflix ?
At the moment, I'm up to date with Pretty Little Liars. Actually, on Monday we had a little chat on here on all things PLL. Here's the link, incase you missed it! 

3. If you could have any series, old or new put on Netflix, what would it be ?
Suits. Although it is currently on there, I would love up-to-date episodes on Netflix, like they've recently done to PLL. I love Suits, definitely my favourite show (it's up there with Sherlock!). 

4. What is your one peeve about Netflix ?
Just the fact that Suits episodes are not up to date. Also, the third series of Sherlock is not on there either. I did catch the first two episodes of the third series on BBC iPlayer, but by the time I got around to the final one, it was no longer available! I was gutted. 

5. What are your essentials for a perfect night in with Netflix ?
A cosy blanket, my go-to furry pink roses blanket is my favourite. I was catching up with the latest PLL episode on Netflix today and the blanket was in the wash - definitely not the same experience. Good, nonetheless! 

6. Recommend one series or film for someone else.
I have yet to watch a film on Netflix, there aren't any that catch my eye but in terms of series, Sherlock! (These questions are all interlinking, aren't they?)

7. Name a series on Netflix you keep meaning to watch but haven't yet.
Hmm... none off the top of my head. I think I keep up with the ones I am a die-hard fan of, and happy with my selected few. (I say few, but there are quite a lot! *shh*)

8. Did you discover anything awesome because of Netflix ?
Homeland was a series I found only due to Netflix. Although, I have watched every single one on there, so there's none left to watch. To be honest, I'm just super happy Suits is back so Homeland is not missed!

Is there any show you cannot recommend enough on Netflix? Would love suggestions! 
& I Tag YOU to do it too! 

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Chanel No 5 : POTW


Perfumes are the total go-to gift, and no wonder this is one we receive the most. I knew it was coming but what I didn't expect was Chanel. The beautiful packaging, the significance of the iconic brand and the scent that is everlasting, as it works with all age groups, is what got me so excited about it! 

The thing with Chanel fragrances is that many people think it's for the older generation. I disagree, and I do acknowledge that people say I'm 'mature' for my age, but Chanel fragrance is just eternal.

Let's just take a moment to see the beauty of it. It's just so gorgeous (and photogenic, may I add ;) ). The fragrance is quite musky. Seeing as florals are seen to be for the younger generation, and this is not that, it may be the reason for why it's classed as for the elder generation. Either way, I love a bit of vanilla muskiness.

Though I don't see it as an everyday fragrance, unlike this one, it is one for special occasions, and one full of memories.

Tell me, what is your favourite 'high end' fragrance, saved for the special occasions? 

Monday 16 February 2015

Pretty Little Liars: Catchup


image source
Andrew (I think his name was) pretty pleasing to the eye *insert emoji with heart eyes here*.
If you've read this post and this post, you'd know there's a PLL fan in the house... well, on the screen... well, me! So if you've been up-to-date with it, you'll know there was a sharp turn ever since Alli returned (SPOILER ALERT!... there'll be a lot of spoilers, so if you're not up to date and don't want to know, this isn't the post for you.. sorry!).

So, Mona died which was a complete shocker! I was actually beginning to like her and thought they were getting somewhat close to finding out who A is.. well, not anymore. Oh, and that whole laptop thing with Hanna and Caleb is super creepy. Mona's body in that bin is just awful and the blood drop near it could have been anyones!

Speaking of blood drops, how could Mike do that to his sister and her friends? In case you missed it, he took the blood samples of the girls and gave it to one of A's people! They could be in so much trouble now! Speaking of that episode, Andrew (I think his name was), who is Arias new tutor is pretty pleasing to the eye *insert emoji with heart eyes here*.

Toby and Spencer and no longer, or are they? Is it going to be Jonny and Spencer now? I think Jonny is cute but not exactly the best influence on Spencer. Mummy Hastings would definitely not be happy!

Oh, and they say PLL has been secured for 2 more seasons, does that mean we won't find out who A is in a very long time? Gosh, I want to know! 

Tell me, what are your thoughts on the show so far? Agree/disagree with me?
Any theories on who A is?

Friday 13 February 2015

iPhone 6, My First Onesie & Bathroom Makeover : BerryWeekly


This Friday has been long anticipated. Why? It's my first weekend off in a very long time! I can't say I wasn't looking forward to it. Actually, do you not think that when you're looking forward to a particular day, the time leading up to it just drags on?

Well, anyway, since the last BerryWeekly, it did actually snow in London! Whoopie! However, not a lot. By afternoon the snow had melted and I didn't get a chance to build a snowman :(
I hope it does snow properly this year!

Though what did make me happy was my new phone cover! The gold and white combination so pretty. On another note, I got my first onesie! How is that even possible? Well, I was obviously late to jump on that bandwagon, yet it has bambi all over and bambi is my fav, so it was totally worth the wait until I got one I loved! Believe me, it was the comfiest thing ever!! I call it "big peoples baby grow" - yeah, cringe but I think that's it's kind of cute!

Here's the old case next to the new. A bit of photography at it's finest! Who would've thought such a small thing would make you feel happier? Change is good :)

Finally, a super random thing to add to this post: I redid my bathroom. I love a bit of pot pourri and scented stuff in the room, so putting some fragrance drops in there, cleaning the bowl and turning the sticks in the fragrance diffuser made the room smell amazing! The main reason the bathroom was redone was all because of towels. That's right, towels. So, all the towels are matching - the face cloths, the hand towels, the bath towels, the lot! A switch over of all the towels to a warmer shade makes everything seem 100x cosier.
By the way, by 'redone' it was mainly just rearranging and decorating! Well, that was a lengthy description of the bathroom, but believe me, it made me so happy that entire day!

That's it! In case you missed this post, follow me on Instagram to see what goes on during the week. It's fun writing about them on a BerryWeekly afterwards, as Instagram only explains half the story!

Tell me, did it snow a lot where you are this Winter? Did you get to build a snowman ;)?

Wednesday 11 February 2015

No 7 Auburn Whispers: POTW


Being a creature of habit, I'm not much of a person to switch up lip colours really often.  At the moment I've been wearing Bourjois Nude-ist (post about it here) pretty much all the time. Eye makeup? Yes! Give me a new mascara and I'm good to go.. for 3 days until I swtich up the routine again! Yet, give me a lipstick, if I love the colour, I'll be wearing it for a pretty long time.

This lipstick was totally an impulse buy. Actually I was in the store and stumbled across the 'buy one get one half price' section, so just picked it up because it was, well, half price! Having never owned No 7 Lipsticks before, I was skeptic about their quality. Non-the-less, a swatch or two later, the texture of them seem just right! Moisturising with great colour payoff! 

Nothing too bold, and by dabbing the colour onto the lips rather than applying the colour properly, you can get a light wash of colour that looks almost-natural.

So, if you see me around after I've given this colour a whirl, you may see the same colour for a long time! 

Tell me, are you a creature of habit when it comes to lip-colours, or do you like to switch up really often?

Monday 9 February 2015

Fight the Fear: Motivation Monday


I was watching Esteé from EssieButton the other day and her words drew me in. More specifically, the quotes she was reciting, and her description of the overall vibe she got from the growingly-famous book Yes Please by Amy Poehler

I'm going to be honest, I wasn't expecting that particular video from EssieButton to be my favourite, yet it really drew me in. Not being one to watch SNL, I don't really know who Amy Poehler is (don't shoot me), yet don't think I didn't go straight ahead and follow her on YouTube! I love the way Esteé described her as being such a positive person, up for laughs and is all for the idea of living in the moment. Some of the quotes she recited really got to me, so I rewinded and wrote 3 down. Out of those three, this is the one that fits me most in this moment in time, so naturally, I wrote it out on the whiteboard, and how could I not share it with you?

The quote is meant to portray "everyone has fear". The fear that we think only ourselves feel is probably felt by everyone, yet those doing the things you want to do have overcome that fear and fought. Although it's hard to admit it, we can do anything, and the fear is not what should stop us. We're all scared, just go out there and face it.

I know it's much easier said that done, but, it might be easier done if we believe we're not the only ones faced with the problem, and we can overcome it.

I wish you all the best is whatever plans you have for yourself, and I know you can overcome that fear and do what's best for you. You're never going to be 'ready', you just have to do it.

Tell me, what's one time you were scared, but did something anyway? & How do you feel about it now?

*Well, in some scenarios this isn't the case, because you may not be scared... but you get the gist ;)

Friday 6 February 2015

LBD Dream Date Style Challenge ft. DailyLook : FASHION


Beautysets - LBD Dream Date Style Challenge
"accessorising the dress with nude shoes, a nude bag and a nude blazer was something 'so me'."
Dl-113748-black-v0 Dl-111323-dusty-rose-v0 Dl-110446-black-v0 Dl-98742_v0 Dl-77645-nude-v0

I come to you with a fashion post today. I was inspired by DailyLook’s Little Black Dress ‘LBD’ Dream Date Style Challenge, where you create a style set on what you’d wear on your, well, ‘dream date’. I was able to look through all of their little black dresses here to choose my favourite.

DailyLook has some pretty dresses and this is the one that stood out to me. The elegant cut means it's not very revealing as it goes right to the top. The lace detail creates an elegant, girly vibe. I am a huge fan of nude, definitely my go-to shade. So, accessorising the dress with nude shoes, a nude bag and a nude blazer was something 'so me'.  Finally, I am a huge fan of gold, preferring it over silver (which explains my gold iPhone 6), so the dainty, simple gold necklace was what I chose.

Overall, a great outfit that's not too dressy but has nice details. Perfect for a more dressy cinema trip, an evening at a restaurant or even switching up the shoes for flats and you're even fit to go for a walk near the Thames.

So, tell me, do you have any go-to colour combinations for outfits? 

Wednesday 4 February 2015

No 7 Base + Top Coat, First Impressions : POTW


"Popping into Boots and realising they had the buy one get one half price thing going on...I'd go for the No 7"

One thing I learnt from writing this post: taking pictures of clear things is very difficult. Okay, now that that's out there, let's move on. 

"I'm a sucker for the labelling and I am hoping it works wonders"

No 7 is not such a bad brand. Well, it's actually quite a good brand and when realising my go-to Barry M top coat was literally on it's last legs, with it taking much longer than it should to coat one nail with the clear shade, it was time to invest in a new one. Popping into Boots and realising they had the buy one get one half price thing going on, with a £3 off voucher, I thought I'd go for the No 7. 

"the wide brush is what sold it for me."

The fact that there's two different formulas for the base and top coat confuses me a little. What is the actual difference? I have no idea. However, I'm a sucker for the labelling and I am hoping it works wonders. In particular, the wide brush is what sold it for me. If you saw this post, you'd know how much easier it is to apply nail polish with this type of brush.
Who would've thought the size of the brush would drastically change your manicure routine?

No 7 Top Coat : Amazon, Boots
No 7 Base Coat : Amazon, Boots

What's your all time favourite top/base coats?

Monday 2 February 2015

Beyoncé Heat Rush : FRAGRANCE


"it's understandable that I've only got about 1/2-1/3 of it left, right?"

Just as I leave the house, I spitz on some perfume. Recently it has been the same perfume I go for when I don't really have much time and it's all 'go-go-go!' chaos. The perfume I received as a gift last Christmas (2013) and now realise how much of it I've actually used. A 100ml bottle of Beyoncé Heat Rush is that perfume.

"The scent is very warm and reminds me of being by a toasty fire"

Nevertheless, the perfume is an Eau de Toilette, so being it not as strong as an Eau de Parfum, I guess it's okay to spritz twice more as you usually would, meaning it's understandable that I've only got about 1/2-1/3 of it left, right? Right???!

"They say Queen Beyoncé can do no wrong"

Fine, I guess that doesn't really justify anything, but the real reason is: the fragrance. It's such a forgiving scent. Something that reminds me of the autumn/winter season, whereas Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight is probably my summer go-to. The scent is very warm and reminds me of being by a toasty fire - definitely agree with the 'Heat' name it has been given. 

"it has been the same perfume I go for when I don't really have much time and it's all 'go-go-go!' "

They say Queen Beyoncé can do no wrong - a great line of fragrances, a nice bottle and a scent like this, I guess this is yet another area she has excelled in! Would I say it's my favourite scent of all time? No. However, it is still a go-to fragrance.

A final touch of the whole package - the bottle is pretty affordable too. Retailing at £35 for a 100ml EDT, yet you can get it for good £12.61 on Amazon (LINK) so it won't break the bank!

Tell me, what's your go-to fragrance?