Friday 4 September 2015

A Goodbye...


When this blog first started two years ago, the day I got home after my last GCSE exam, I did not ever think I'd be writing this post. Heck, it wasn't until this summer that I really thought it may be time. Don't get me wrong, I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this incredible blogging community. We have created a place on the internet where a bunch of people with a common interest can come together, from the comfort of their own homes to be in an environment where there is no judgement. Here we can all just be friends, support each other and be happy.

After that little ramble about only some of the many incredible benefits of being part of this lovely community, it does sound kind of stupid to even be thinking of leaving. Yet, the time has come for me to step away from the blog, as I don't believe I will have enough time to truly give it my all (with uni starting in a few weeks). I will, of course, still be present on social media (i.e. Twitter).

BerryBloomXO has been an incredibly fun project to work on, becoming committed to post a few times a week, and having wonderful opportunities like attending events, working with brands, interacting with people and reading such lovely comments are things that I will always remember. I hope you have enjoyed all that BBXO has had to offer.

Thank you for making my time as a blogger incredibly rewarding (we surpassed 100,000 views last month!), fun, and a great experience. Who knows? Maybe I won't be able to stay away for too long - haha! Either way, just remember I am beyond grateful of your support throughout this journey.


Wednesday 2 September 2015

A Vitamin Infused Lip Balm - Proceeds go to CHARITY


"with every lip balm boughtdonations are given to CLAPA"

A little different of a post to normal, I'm talking about giving. Giving? You ask. Well, yes, giving. Yo may have noticed the new button the nav bar called 'Shop'. This leads to a link on Etsy selling a Lip Balm. The lip balm is 100% Organic. It's made of natural ingredients, is infused with Vitamin E and is part of a social enterprise that's been funded by Unltd to aim for creating a lip balm with little unnecessary chemicals to ensure you get the best quality.

Now, where in the world does the GIVING part come into that? Well, the lip balm is not only incredible for your lips, but with every lip balm bought, donations are given to CLAPA. CLAPA is a charity that helps those with a cleft lip build their confidence, and give opportunities to them for a brighter future.

"a charity that helps those with a cleft lip build their confidence, and give opportunities to them for a brighter future"

There are all these talks about rising each other up, bringing up confidence and not beating people down - making the world a better place. Buying this lip balm will not only give you confidence as your lips are looking lovely, but also children and adults around the world affected by cleft (which is surprisingly common) to feel confident through workshops and treatments CLAPA offers.

So, buying a BlushLips lip balm will not only benefit you, but also benefit more people than you can imagine. That's the power of giving.

Get the Lip Balm HERE: 

Also, share this, spread the word and help out all those that CLAPA can benefit by just the simple action of getting a lip balm.

Tuesday 1 September 2015

5 Accessories I'm Loving This Autumn | GUEST POST

September has just about arrived. Although it still feels a little early, we're already seeing countless exhibitions of autumn style. A lot of the focus this time of year tends to surround extensive lists of clothing items and ideas for totally transformed wardrobes. But if you're like me, you don't actually go out and revamp your entire closet every time the temperature changes! A few new clothing items here and there will suffice for keeping up with the trends. What I really enjoy instead is making sure I'm up on the latest accessories. These are the smaller, more affordable pieces that can bring a look together, and which tend to change more from season to season anyway!

With that said, here are some of the accessories I'm loving for the autumn of 2015.

Sculptural Jewellery

I wasn't entirely sure what the term "sculptural jewellery" referred to until I started seeing it mentioned among the season's trends, and now I can't get enough of it. has a number of examples of this type of jewellery from designers including Kenzo, Eddie Borgo, and others. The basic idea is that each item is like a piece of art, generally featuring bent and shaped metals that resemble small, wearable sculptures.

Spray-On Boots

This is the term Marie Claire used to define what looks to be a pretty popular trend for the coming autumn and winter seasons: skin-tight, thigh-high boots. Versace, Christian Dior, and others were mentioned in conjunction with the movement, which includes various colours and designs printed onto boots that almost double as leggings. It may not be the most comfortable accessory idea for 2015, but it's a fun look.

Ladies' Loafers

Sticking with footwear, and moving to a more comfortable option, I can't get enough of the ladies' loafers that seem so prominent on the runways this year. Lyst called them "the chosen flats for fall" and it's no wonder they're taking over given the various ways in which we're seeing them dressed up and down. More casual versions include simple boat shoe-style loafers that work like sandal alternatives, and for dressing up we're even seeing heeled ladies' loafers making the rounds.

Opera Gloves

This is another trend pointed out by Marie Claire, and it is essentially the upper-body version of the spray-on boot idea. Opera-length gloves have been spotted on various runways from a slew of different designers this season. While they can appear almost costume-like, there's something undeniably fun about them for the autumn. Given that these gloves tend to be fairly light and thin, they're also a perfect option for comfort as the weather cools but isn't necessarily "cold."

Collar Bows

There have been a lot of bows and ribbons tied around collars on the AW runways, and I love the way Popsugar defined the trend: "a hint of femininity in your workplace wardrobe." Moving from the carefree, fun styles of summer into the stiffer and colder looks that so often arrive with autumn, it's easy to end up with outfits that look slightly uptight. Any sort of ribbon or bow tied around a collar is a great way to keep things fun and feminine.

With these five enjoyable and affordable accessory ideas, you can liven up your autumn wardrobe without even getting into new garments. Have fun putting together some new looks!