Friday 8 August 2014

Find YOUR Perfect Dress... for Prom, Weddings or Parties!


"dresses can be a bit of a hassle..."

This is the season for parties - with two MORE weddings coming up on my calendar this month, dresses can be a bit of a hassle to find. If you've read this post and this post, you'd know I have already had two weddings, so I'm a bit experienced this year!

Also, Prom dresses are quite important too and this site has it all!

"reminds me a bit of Princess Kate's wedding"
The lace detail on the blue and black dress is gorgeous and I have fallen for the design! I love the colour too. This would be perfect for a wedding and reminds me a bit of Princess Kate's wedding where she had lace sleeves on her dress. 

The blush colour is one of my favourites, and I recently bought a jacket in the shade (keep your eyes peeled for a post on that). I think it is so girly and elegant yet not an in-your-face shade at all. Also, I love the jewellery the model has paired with it, definitely simple but beautiful.

"One-shoulder dresses have a more fun vibe"
One-shoulder dresses have a more fun vibe, and slightly more relaxed. The blue and cream dress can be lovely for prom or parties. It can also be worn at weddings too - a very versatile piece.
I actually wore a dress similar to the black and white dress a couple of years ago at a annual celebration evening - it is quite formal yet laid-back at the same time. Plus, the floral detail is a lovely touch and adds a nice dimension to the dress.

"I actually wanted a dress very similar...but didn't find one like it during the time!"

These are perfect for prom. I actually wanted a dress very similar to the middle one for my prom but didn't find one like it during the time! If only I had known of earlier! I love the pastel colours. Also, the high-low effect on the first and last dress is so pretty! Moreover, the bejewelled designs on all 3 dresses make the dress youthful and fun!

Overall, my favourite is the black and blue elegant lace dress! I love it! What's your favourite?