Friday 1 August 2014

BerryWeekly: Chocolate Fondue, Food and MORE Flowers?!

"looking like a complete weirdo trying to get the perfect shot"

BerryWeekly is such a fun segment on BBXO! You know you're a blogger when you take photos of everything, looking like a complete weirdo trying to get the perfect shot of the things in front of you in a public place - that's what it was like while getting photos for this post, too. I was at the restaurant standing up and kneeling down and whipping out the camera at every opportunity! 

However, due to the likes of Instagram, this is much more usual now than it has ever been... And I'm okay with it! 

"if you had seen the menu you'd understand why we went for the Fondue"

One of the more exciting food-related places I visited was a dessert place in London. Actually, I was taken there as a treat and it was super fun! There were four of us that went and if you had seen the menu you'd understand why we went for the Fondue for Four - there were so many amazing options that it was difficult to decide one each, so choosing this option meant there was a bit of everything! 
"Is your mouth watering already?"

The platter came with a wide array of choices: brownies, cookies, 16 mini scoops of ice cream and a bowl of fruit, all to dip in the melted chocolate! Yummy! And on the side, there's chocolate fudge cake with ice cream and whipped cream. Is your mouth watering already? 

If you have read the previous BerryWeekly earlier this month, you would realise my love for flowers. Having a garden whose blooms are looking beautiful this season, who can resist picking some? I did some more arrangements for the study and the bedroom!

"makes me feel so good inside!"

Seeing fresh flowers as soon as I wake up makes me feel so good inside! I also read somewhere that seeing green, fresh leaves and plants in the morning is great for eyes and I'm a firm believer in this as it also makes me feel more peaceful!

 "lasagne was made from Spinach pasta sheets"

Another restaurant we went to was Pizza Express. Funnily enough, I've never actually been to Pizza Express and when we got a chance to go, we all ordered the Vegetarian Lasagna! It was nice, though and the lasagne was made from Spinach pasta sheets!

Well, that was a few pictures from the week and you can imagine some of the awkward positioned shots taken!

I hope you liked the pictures and do you prefer chocolate fondue or cake?