Wednesday 18 September 2013

Good Things Skincare - Review


Now I haven't really written/spoken to you about skin care... like, ever. Which is quite weird because I want to be a dermatologist in the future - so like a skin care specialist...hmm...

Anyway, there's a lot you may or may not know about me... well, did you know: I used to have hormonal cystic acne. Yep, was as disgusting as it sounds, trust me. I've had a lot of ups and downs with my skin and it was definitely a huge confidence-deflater for me and when my skin cleared up - let me tell you, it was a slow, long process and didn't happen overnight - everyone and their mothers would ask me my "secret"... and that would make me feel a little angry as when I was in the process on clearing up my acne, these same people were the ones who gave me dirty looks and making me feel insecure - well, who's laughing now?

Okay, it's not me laughing because guess what? I have quite a few spots again.
 Now let me tell you from experience: your skin doesn't depend on simply just what you put ON your face. It depends on a whole load of things such as mental health - who gets pimples when they're stressed? This girl... - what goes into your body and even the pollution levels in the place you live. When I went to a quite countryside/village for a holiday in February this year, my skin was amazing, because the pollution level was low and I felt my skin got a nice 'detox'!

Anyway, so when I go to buy new skincare products I try to find what will work best for me (duh!), but I have combination/oily skin, so I keep that in mind when shopping!
So, I went to Boots one day and saw this line:

Good Things sounds amazing for spot prone oily/combination skin, plus the packaging is gorgeous and totally drew me in!

First of all, this smells GORGEOUS! It's like fruity and 'girly' and a great scent to fall into bed with! It lingers even after you've rinsed it off and I can't say I hate it.
Besides the smell, the actual product is a gel like consistency, which is meant to be perfect for oily skin. Also, it is clear in colour.

The product doesn't really create a lather, foam or suds - I personally prefer this as it feels silky on the skin and you really feel like you're living in luxury and truly pampering yourself when putting this on. The skin feels soft when the product is rinsed off and doesn't feel like the skin is stripped of natural oils.

However, the product has downfalls...
It broke me out.
At first I was in love with this product but after a couple of weeks of uses I noticed my spots coming back. The first few times a pimple popped up I blamed it for other reasons, such as stress or a bad diet, but then found that they may be factors as well as this product.
Good Things Facial Cleanser went straight in the bin.

Overall, I do recommend you give this a go if you have oily skin and would like to try a gel cleanser - if you don't like strong/lingering scents STAY AWAY. If you're like me and LOVE the scent, try it!
I actually have very sensitive skin too, so very few products work for me - if you find your skin is slightly less sensitive, then I suggest trying it.

Unfortunately this was a stay away product for me and I will not be repurchasing.

Hope you liked the review, what's your go-to cleanser when the spots come out?
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