Friday 27 September 2013

Haul: Longchamp Le Pliage


I thought I'd write my first haul on this blog for you to see - don't you think it's pretty fun to see what other people buy? Or am I just really nosey like that ( need to hide it!) ?! Anyway, we have a little festival, called Raksha Bandhan sometime in August where the sisters tie a 'bracelet' around their brother to represent ideas the the sister will care for the brother, the brother returns protection of their sister - we do this every year! As well as that, the sister offers the brother a sweet treat and the brother gives a present - often money.... basically, the girl gets money - yay! haha Who would say no to that?! 

I am the only sister out of 6 brothers. Well, I have one brother and 5 cousins who don't have sisters, so I also tie the bracelet on them - more protection for me! Anyway, so this year I received money, the same as every year, and surprisingly: a present! The present was totally unexpected. It was a gorgeous Bare Minerals gift set! Watch this space for a post if that too...

Anyway, so I decided to invest some of the money I received on a designer bag! I don't really have many big branded bags and wanted to treat myself! I chose the popular Longchamp Le Pliage bag...

I know that everyone and their mother seems to have the Le Pliage, but many people have fake bags and that's one thing I find irritating - I mean, you can buy look-a-likes as much as you want, but if you're going to buy one with the logo of a designer brand yet at a very small fraction of the price, it is likely to be made in sweatshops where people are exploited. Essentially, buying these fake brands we're encouraging sweatshops...
Not only that, the bag would not be as much value as to if we were to save up for the genuine thing!

I chose mine in the colour 'Taupe'. To be honest I was not sure which colour I wanted to purchase - there are a wide range of colours to choose from in the Le Pliage range, seen on the website, and I wanted to invest in one that I would use a lot.

At first I had these colours in mind: Red, Plum, Black, Beige/Cream. I did NOT want the Navy one what-so-ever as they're too common these days! I was torn between a bold colour or a neutral! Hence you can see the split between the colour choices I had.

I went to the store, thinking that the colour I love would just stick out to me - however, as we all know, the perfect bag doesn't just fall out of the sky and land in our shopping baskets - so it wasn't as easy as I thought! Yet, I've got to admit I wasn't too fussy: I asked the shop assistant which she recommended out of the first three I picked up after a quick look at the collection:  Black, Camel and Taupe.

She said that the Camel was very summery, the Black would go with everything but may be too plain and the Taupe is great for all seasons. Instantly my heart fell for the Taupe.

The Taupe goes with many outfits, is a neutral yet not to plain nor too bold - just perfect! I love the material of the bag and moreover, I love that I know it's genuine - and I'll use it loads.

Additionally, it is so practical! I bought the large as all my college work fits in with ease as well as if I don't need it I could fold it up and out of the way! LOVE, LOVE and LOVE!

So, tell me, what colour would you pick?