Wednesday 29 July 2015

Top 3 Fragrance Picks for Summer 2015 | BEAUTY


"something about the scent that doesn't quite match with the ultra-girly packaging it is placed in"

With the amount of rain that has fallen in England in the past few days, it may seem like summer is over. Well, here's news for you, summer is officially not over until September 22nd, so let's keep the spirit alive with a summer fragrance post, shall we?!

"Do expect a fruity and floral tone at first whiff!"

These are my 3 go-to summer scents.

Daisy Delight MARC JACOBS

A scent that is literally made for the summer season. It is slightly musky more than just pure floral. It doesn't have the typical 'Rose' scent that many floral scents are expected to have, and there's something about the scent that doesn't quite match with the ultra-girly packaging it is placed in.
It is, however, lovely yet as an Eau de Toilette, it doesn't last very long.
LINK: £34.95 at Fragrance Direct


Ultra sweet is the definition of this body mist. In fact, I think that the definition can be used for many VS Pink fragrances. This is, unlike Daisy Delight, definitely a super girly scent - no musk about it! Described to be Jasmine and Pink Lemonade, you definitely get the floral notes at first whiff.
I love spraying this on my hoodies on the chill days, or even over my blouse as a touch-up during the day. Very versatile and definitely a go-to summer scent.
LINK: ≈£9.95 at Victorias Secret

Be Delicious Fresh Blossom DKNY

Another floral one for your books. I am a HUGE fan of the DKNY Be Delicious perfume yet would say it's more a fragrance for the autumn time. This one hits the nail on the head when it comes to summer scents and as a Eau de Parfum, it lasts a lot longer than Daisy Delight. Yet, unlike Daisy Delight, it has little to no musk at first but as it develops you do get a whiff of the signature woody, earthy, apple-y feel that you expect from the Be Delicious range. Do expect a fruity and floral tone at first whiff!
LINK: £37.00 at Boots

Those are my top 3 summer fragrances that I've been reaching for recently, and will be reaching for until September the 22nd! 
What are your go-to scents this season? 
Are you one for the musk or prefer the fruity?