Wednesday 2 July 2014

Shout-Out Wednesday: SORTED food


You may have noticed the never-before-heard title 'Shout-Out Wednesday' - it is a new segment here on BBXO and let's see if you like it!

For the first post in this series I'd like to introduce the Sorted Food boys! They're known as the UK's largest social media cookery channel and I can say that they're my favourite YouTube cooking channel!

I was lucky enough to meet them in Summer and The City last summer (which there's a post about here) - they were super lovely and I had the most embarrassing way of saying hello to them - basically I stared at them for like a minute and then screamed 'OH MY GOD, can I get a picture???' and they just laughed... yes, it was as embarrassing as it sounds (I got the pic btw)!

With a couple of books released and many items in their webstore, I'd definitely say they're doing a great job! Another thing I love about them is their quality of videos - with a sense of humour infused with yummy food and easy ways to make them, I think they're definitely worth checking out.

So, if you're a foodie, love efficiency and don't mind laughing at your computer screen - you'll love Sorted Food!

Do you watch cooking shows too, or prefer to whip things up by mixing and matching whatever you feel like?