Friday 15 November 2013

BerryReads: Me Before You


I'm catching up with our little Book Club with another Book Review! I actually have read another book after this one and was debating on which of the two to do a review on and to be honest with you, this one won hands down! The other one was good but this, this was life changing. I'm not joking.

It's basically about a girl, who is the narrator throughout the book as it is in first person, whom worked in a Café for about 7 years. That café shut down - you know recession and all these days, no I'm only joking, it was because another café kind of took over, it was to do with money problems - ANYWAY, that's beside the point. So, as she was one of the few sources of income in her home, she needed to find another job. The job that she found was as a carer in a wealthy family. She was told she would just have to talk to the man in the wheelchair. At first, the idea of a man in a wheelchair makes you think of an elderly man who has lived his life and age had gotten the better of him, but no. This was completely different.

The man in the wheelchair used to be a CEO of a huge company in the city of London, but an unfortunate accident got the better of him, and he was left with no motion from the neck down. EVERYTHING has to be done for him. He was left helpless. 

The carer, Louise, was given the job to help him out of depression. Being someone who was so high up in the ladder and living a great life to someone who cannot use the toilet must have been a HUGE jump, and I don't blame him for going into depression. Louise, who was living a simple life in a small town finally realised that she needed to break out of her shell. The man in the wheelchair, Will Traynor, has a very strong mind and opens up a window in Louise's mind that she needs to EXPAND her Horizons. She needs to get out there and get herself out of the small town she was in.

This book is written so well and I wish I could meet Will Traynor. He is so inspiring (even if he is only a character in a book!).
Honestly, when I was reading this book, the face of Daniel Grayson from Revenge was who I thought Will Traynor would be like. They seem so similar to me in my head - and my god is Daniel Grayson hot!

Louise has a mission in this book: to save a life. Did she do it? Read the book and find out!

Honestly, I cannot recommend this enough! I also told you about this book which I also recommended, but I've got to say 'Me Before You' has taken it to a whole new level.

What book should we discuss next?