Friday 5 September 2014

5 Reasons You need Pyjama Days


You may still be on summer break, may just have started school/college/university again or may be doing whatever you're doing on this fine Friday but the question is: Are YOU a fan of Pyjama Days?

"they're mentally, and physically, called for... and here's why"

Pyjama Days are usually Sundays, but can obviously be any day that fits in your schedule, yet there's something about them that is just... satisfying. For me, Pyjama Days are literally relaxing, watching YouTube videos or Telly, having a few treats and just... chilling. :)

So, although Pyjama Day's may not be the most productive days, they're mentally, and physically, called for and needed, and here's why:

1. They set you up for the week
When you have a rest day, it makes you feel rejuvenated and ready for the more productive week ahead. So, taking a step back is definitely the way forward!

2. Catch Up with Yourself
Having a non-planned day can allow you to catch up with yourself, in terms of little things that may need organising, catching up with your favourite TV shows and just doing what you want to do, not what needs to be done.

3. Actually allows you to Relax
During the week, stress can really build up, and what better way to release it then a nice pyjama day, with basically a do-nothing, stress-free, comfortable day!

4. Call it Official
I know some people who like to stay in pyjama's until they need to change into proper clothes, but for me, this isn't feasible. The reason being is that I feel somewhat 'lazy' if I stay in Pyjama's ALL the time - so having a nice shower in the morning and putting on actual clothes (not PJ's) makes me feel as though the day has really started, so having Pyjama Days, it makes it official that it is a day to relax, not just any other day.

5. A Chance to Appreciate Your Productiveness
This one may seem a little far fetched, but it's true all the same: when you have a day which is, lets be honest, not productive at all, it makes us miss the feeling of doing something productive - hence overall, making us more productive people!

So, do you have Pyjama Days, and what's your favourite thing about them?