Wednesday 3 September 2014

BerryReads: LA Candy - Review


"basically reality TV in the form of a book - drama  with no depth."
Although it was only the other day the Autumn Reading Wish List was released, the last novel read still deserves a feature on BBXO! L.A. Candy, the first of many novels written by the lovely Lauren Conrad, was the pick of the week and here's the summary:

Lets start with the end, it was unexpected. I was literally confused as to whether or not there were pages missing at the end. You are left with not exactly knowing what happens, and oddly wanting more. I say 'oddly' as you just want a proper ending! Definitely a book considered as ending on a cliffhanger.

The storyline was loosely based on the authors' career as a reality show star, which is also a similar storyline to her other novel, previously reviewed on BBXO, called 'The Fame Game'. It was definitely a light read, with obvious things-that-only-happen-in-movies moments throughout the entire book. I would also say this was basically reality TV in the form of a book - drama  with no depth.

Being it Lauren Conrad's first novel, she did an amazing job. If you're one looking for a light read, feeling a bit like you're reading a magazine at times and others when you really do empathise with the characters - this one is for you!

What do you think of TV show stars turned authors?