Wednesday 24 September 2014

Brighten your Hump Day - ft. Cute Animals!


Happy Hump Day! Last weeks Motivation Monday post showed you like the animal me me's - so what's better than to share some more today?

"Dog's do it better!"

In this day and age, Selfies are literally taken by the minute - instagram is loaded with them! Let's just say, Dog's do it better!

"for all the fellow shorties out there!"

This one is for all the fellow shorties out there! Being a mere 5'2, I get teased a lot by my friends about my height! Well, to all us tiny humans - I love you too! <3

"this quote could not be more correct!"

Finally, Squirrels have a special place in my heart - they come by our garden every morning and jump around like they're the happiest, most content critters in the whole entire world, and this quote could not be more correct!

Happy Hump Day, tell me: What brightened your day?