Wednesday 8 October 2014

Decor Haul: Hanging Ball Lights


"bringing that warm fall glow into the room... the kind that warms your heart"

With this cooler weather, it reminds us Christmas is coming - 78 days, people! Christmas is all about beautiful lights, tree decorations, christmas wreaths and snow - although all of this can't be achieved yet, we can bring some lights early. Trust me, they really give a warm vibe (yes, pun intended!). 

"The lights in these last for about 10 years,"

There are so many different shapes, hearts, stars, even flowers that you can choose from on (which is where these are from) but these round ones are perfect. They work year round, are neither more feminine or masculine, and suit in any room... they're currently surrounding the noticeboard in the study. 

"many different shapes, hearts, stars, even flowers that you can choose from"

The colour is a off-white, almost yellow - bringing that warm fall/winter glow into the room, you know the kind that warms your heart? Yes, it's that kind!

"They work year round...and suit in any room"

Although the packaging is gorgeous, there was a dent in one of the balls :(. I'm sure they would exchange the box for another, but you can't really see the dent when they're up and running. The lights in these last for about 10 years, so no need to worry about changing them.

The most important part about Blaze On is their ethics, which is great about buying from them - click here for more.

As well as lighting up your life (there's another pun!) through the balls, you can also choose a candle. This is the pretty one that came with the box! How gorgeous?!

Let me know how you have decorated for this season?