Friday 17 October 2014

The Labels 2014 Fashion Show - from the FRONT ROW


"reserved seats in the front row for BerryBloomXO (with) HUGO BOSS"
Weekends are always times to look forward to, but last weekend was one packed full of fun events. On Saturday I got to spend the night in a fancy building London, on the highest floor, attending a fashion show. You can assume how happy I was surrounded by models left, right and centre (male ones in particular = eye candy!).

"definitely a night to remember"
Having never attended an event like this before, I had no idea what to expect - but in no way did I expect it to be as fancy as it was. When entering there were these BIG gold rimmed glass revolving doors, you can imagine what it's like for a short person like me (a mere 5'2)... pretty intimidating
After ticking our names off the guest list, we went on an elevator that goes to only floors 20-32, which was surprisingly quick - don't ask me what happened to the other 20 floors.

When entering we were given VIP wristbands, little did I know there'd be reserved seats in the front row for BerryBloomXO - did I mention HUGO BOSS were in the SAME ROW as us?! 

"I did question the practicality of the dress where hands stay in a pouch"
About an hour after entering and being served refreshments and champagne, the show had started. The first collection made by a fashion student whom had used the same print for every dress but had different cuttings and styles. All looks had white heels on and the cuts and styles were lovely - though I did question the practicality of the dress where hands stay in a pouch (look at image 3 in the collage above) - all in the name of fashion?

"featured in Vogue, Hello! and other magazines"
Ingrid Bratt, featured in Vogue, Hello! and other magazines, presented this collection. It was beautiful with various designs and plaits that kept things interesting. You could definitely spot the influence by her spanish heritage (see image 4 above).

Harry Potter music played in the background as the models strut their stuff in Preline Martha. Although gorgeous, some pieces were not finished, which was a bit of a let down. Fav = the red/gold dress pictured 6th in the collage.

"think-Oliver-Twist style"
The only Menswear collection of the show was one by Katrina Wagster. It was very 'old-militay', think-Oliver-Twist style. Sort of a metal, cold and hard look about the clothing.

"if you're looking for a wedding reception gown - this lady has a great collection"

My favourite of them all, icon Sylvia Fumudoh created the most glamorous looks on the runway. With grey tones to metallics to stunning gowns with precious stones, the looks were both elegant and classy. My favourite was a navy blue dress with black stone detailing - unfortunately couldn't grab a picture of  it. All the items were complete and the entire collection worked well together. So, if you're looking for a wedding reception gown - this lady has a great collection.

After seeing wonderful collections, trying macarons for the first time and sitting on the same row as Hugo Boss, it was definitely a night to remember. Thank you to The Labels team for giving me the opportunity to come

So, tell me, if you were to create a collection, what would it be inspired by?