Friday 31 October 2014

BerryWeekly: Fireworks, London, Flowers and Piercings


"our family got together ...we ordered pizzas, played charades and blasted some fireworks!"

As you know, it was Diwali last week, and this week was also my week off! You know when you want a relaxing, chilled out week but it turns out to be super eventful - well this was one of them! So, here's what happened.

" There is now a hole in the top of my right ear"
I got my cartilage pierced. There is now a hole in the top of my right ear with a shiny gold and diamond stud. Did it hurt? It was bearable! But so far, I love it 
Also, I got this awesome bottle in the post and have been loving it. The image is a sneak peak of what's coming your way next week! ;)

"When in London, there's always good food!"
Going back to Diwali, our family got together at our house on Friday night, we ordered pizzas (a whopping 12 extra, extra large ones - you can imagine how big our family is!), played charades and blasted some fireworks! It was a beautiful display and my dad was sad to see one of the trees get a little burnt as the firework blasted in the wrong direction... whoops!

I also popped down to Covent Garden on Monday to see a huge crowd of people surrounding an entertainment man, but what I admired the most was the stunning Christmas decorations up in the square! 

When in London, there's always good food! A post coming to you next week on the dinner we had, but for dessert, it was Snog we went to. I ordered the Coconut Frozen Yogurt, with granola and raspberries and some chocolate sauce! It was super yummy!

 As for the flower part of this BerryWeekly, this arrangement was a put together of two bunches of flowers. I took the pleasure in snipping and trimming the stems, presenting them in a large, red vase and taking a million photos! Oh, and you can't forget tweeting about it

"took the pleasure in snipping and trimming the stems, presenting them ...and taking a million photos!"

Well, that's it for this weeks BerryWeekly! I hope you have a super fun Halloween, if you celebrate, and an exciting, fun week ahead of you!

What would/do you order at a Frozen Yogurt Place?