Wednesday 9 July 2014

Purchase of The Week: Sleek Face Form Palette + First Impressions


You know those days when you go shopping, not really expecting to buy anything, but end up buying everything - well last Thursday was one of those days...

This has been on my 'To Buy' list forever, so when a day like Thursday was upon me, it was about time I picked this up. Actually, I attended wedding last weekend and I wanted to wear the blush from this palette on her big day, so what better time to buy it, hey?
 Seeing as this is said to be a dupe for the oh-so famous NARS Orgasm blush, you know I was so excited to try it!
"look like they'd be more expensive than they are"

One thing that I do love about Sleek is the beautiful packaging! It's... well, sleek! The products from sleek look like they'd be more expensive than they are - which is always a plus! 

"dupe for the oh-so famous NARS Orgasm blush"
Having tried it on, I love the bronzer more than I thought I would, the highlighter is lovely too - however, the one I had most hopes for is what I am more disappointed with. The blush just was coming off as gold shimmer and not much pink/coral. So far, I am not happy with the blush but am in love with the other two. I will have to use the blush more to make a better decision on what I feel about it but for now, it's not that impressive. 

"I was so excited to try it!"
The face form has a RRP of £9.99 and can be bought from Superdrug.
The shade 'Light' and 'Fair' are the one with the blush shade whereas the other shades do not have the same blush shade - you can also buy the blush shade individually here.

"perfect for your bag"
Oh, and another plus side of this palette is the HUGE mirror! It is perfect for your bag and on-the-go makeup too!

What's been on your beauty wish list for a long time?