Friday 24 April 2015

The Emoji Tag | LIFE


With the ever-growing range of emoji's, including the new range in the iOS 8.3 update, there are bound to be ones you love, ones you loathe and random ones that you have no idea what-in-the-world they mean!

I've actually been seeing emoji related videos on YouTube but not many posts about it on the blogosphere, until I found this one in on LunarLook, and decided to give it a go.

Most used emojis?

💗 🙈 😊

I feel like everyone has their favourite heart, and hands down, mine has to be this one! Oh, and how can we resist a cute little smiley face? 

Favourite emoji?


Okay, this may not the first one that comes to everyones mind, but I adore this little chick! I use it all the time: to convey an excited emotion, a don't-shoot-me emotion and even a 'feeling chill' emotion! It's a winner for all!

An emoji that is not there but should be?

Not going to lie, this was a hard one. Not only is it difficult to decide what emoji there should be, but it's hard to find an image of it too - you can imagine!
Though if this is meant to be a 'shrug of the shoulder, what-can-you-do' kind of emoji, I'm all for it!

An emoji that you hate?


Hate is a strong word. I don't particularly hate this emoji, but it does convey 'feeling sorry for myself', which is not really a nice emotion to have, as you know, positivity and all

The most random emoji you can find?


You may know of Susan the Squirrel (refer to: here), and if not, she's a squirrel that visits us everyday! Anyway, she has become quite a thing, and what better way to describe her than an emoji, right? Technically, there is no squirrel emoji, so I guess a hamster will have to do! Oooh, maybe a squirrel emoji is one that should exist but doesn't! 

Emojis you don't understand?

🔗 📎

Another difficult one, as I don't really try to understand what the emoji's mean. It's kind of like: if it feels right, I'll use it! Yet, after searching around I found this one.
I did not know what the first one was, as I originally thought it was a paperclip, but the one shown next to it is a paperclip.. whatever, I'll probably never use it anyway!

Do you have an emoji next to all of your contacts?
No :)

An emoji you overuse?


I'm quite the awkward person, so you can imagine how often I use this! I feel like it just sums me up a lot of the time! 

The emoji with the most swag?


C'mon, how much swag does that snowman have? Too much, that's how much! He's just so... chill (no pun intended). 

Well, that was a fun, little bit random, tag to do this friday! 
I hope you liked it, and tell me, if you were to choose ONE emoji to sum up you, which would it be?