Wednesday 1 April 2015

Blogger Spring Gift Swap | LIFE


"there was some nail polish, which we can never get enough of,"

Being part of the blogging community is amazing! Not only being a blogger, but being a reader has so many benefits too. You get a sneak peak into someone else's life (let's face it: we're all a little nosy) and it's good to check reviews of stuff before you go ahead and purchase.

This post, however, is the evidence of the benefits of meeting people from the community. Adele from organised this little Spring Gift Swap. I received my end of the swap and sent it off too. I thought I'd show you what my wonderful Swap-pee sent me.

My 'swap-pee' as we have now called it, was Emily from I've got to hand it to her, the packaging was absolutely gorgeous! I love a bit of pink and you can only guess my excitement when I opened the package.

"maybe made you feel a little more Spring-festive.. "

Inside, Emily has individually packaged each item with a few easter chocolates! It was so cute!

If you follow my instagram, you'd know about the scrapbook. Emily also knew about it and kindly sent over some washi tape! Along with that, there was some nail polish, which we can never get enough of, and stationary! It was so thoughtful of her.

"awesome community we are lucky to have"

Overall, it was a super fun thing to do, and a nice way to connect in the community!
Hopefully this has somewhat reminded you of the awesome community we are lucky to have, and maybe made you feel a little more Spring-festive.. like these posts haven't done enough of that!

Nonetheless, I hope you have a lovely day, and tell me:
What is one thing you'd put in a gift swap inspired by Spring?