Friday 17 April 2015

The Lucky One | MOVIE


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"Did you read the book or just watch the film for the hunk (a.k.a. Mr Zac Efron)? Trust me, I won’t judge. ;)"
The other day you saw the book review. Now it’s time for the movie to be reflected upon. I must say, I was so excited to see this movie, not only because Mr Zac Efron was part of the deal, but because of the incredible story I had yet only finished a couple of days before.
There are no big spoilers in this post, and when there is, there’ll be warning ;)

I was expecting to see the opening scene that they had in the book, of Keith by that creek being a creep on those college girls. I did understand they weren’t going to keep the scene exactly the same, as the movie didn’t want an “18” age restriction, yet something of the sort would have stuck to the story. So that was tick number 1 next to the not-the-same-as-the-book tally we’re keeping.

Another thing: Logan was meant to have long hair! If you read the corresponding book review, you’d have known I always imagined Zac to play Logan, yet, I did find it a little difficult imagining him with long hair and was intrigued to see how he’d pull it off in the movie! Next thing I see, he doesn’t have long hair!! What?!

Now that the little rant is over, lets get on with the good things. Logan, being the protagonist, was played very well. I also like the selection of Taylor Schilling playing Elizabeth. Ooh, that reminds me: in the book, Logan was the only one that called her Elizabeth and the others called her Beth. This was a little detail that was so cute in the book, yet the movie missed it completely. It was only Beth. Either way, Taylor pulled off the slight na├»ve, but uber gorgeous-but-doesn’t-know-it kind of character. She did a good job!

Overall the movie was touching and Keith did make your blood boil, just as he did in the book! It was a good watch, and one of those that you’d like to watch on a chilled out night!

Although it was a good movie, I just wish they made the ending better. In the book it was slightly rushed, but it was better than the movie. The movies ending was very much rushed, in my opinion, and there was so much potential for a better way to end it. 
*SPOILER ALERT: In the book, both men were very much injured when trying to save Ben from the crazy river. We, as readers, knew that they both got hurt and Ben was saved. Then we read about Beth going to the graveyard with two bunches of flowers. At this point we don’t know whether the flowers are for each Logan and Keith and that they had both died, or Logan and Drake meaning Keith had survived at the risk of Logan's death, or what happened at all! The whole suspense of it really gets you worked up. Then she comes home to Logan and Ben, and you’re literally over the moon! THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is how the movie should have ended.

Gosh I feel I totally deserve the role of director and producer now! Only joking, they did a great job of creating the film, and there are a few bits here and there that I wish they did include from the book, but that’s just the perfectionist in me talking

Right, so that was a bit of a ramble, but it definitely summed up my deep feelings I had for this book. I don’t exactly know why, but The Lucky One still makes me feel slightly giddy, and it’ll be a story I’ll never forget!
This one is definitely for the dreamers!

Tell me, what did you think of The Lucky One? Did you read the book or just watch the film for the hunk (a.k.a. Mr Zac Efron)? Trust me, I won’t judge. ;)