Wednesday 27 May 2015

Top 3 Theatre Shows in London ft. EventBrite | LIFE


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"The one that makes you go 'Kaaaawapungaaaaaa....'  because you don't know the actual lyrics but it gets you singing along anyway"

Living in a city, you have things going on left, right and centre. There's always something to do, and sometimes you just don't know where to start!

With summer just around the corner (for some it's already started - you lucky people!) ideas to add to the 'bucket list' is usually a fun place to start, and what more than a few good theatre shows to get you going.

I've been a fan of theatre shows for, like, ever - but don't tend to go as often as I'd like. I've seen Oliver, the Twists and the Lion King, to name a few, and they were super fun! So, if you're in the London area this summer, or wherever you are, go and watch a theatre show and let me know what you think!

Here are the Top 3 I'd recommend/am eager to see myself:

1. Wicked

The very well known show thats been running for years. It seems great, and as I'm now a fan of 'Once Upon a Time', I can see myself loving the show. Although, a few of my friends who've seen it say it wasn't as good as it's lived up to be. However, it has been a great success and has been running for such a long time - so I guess I'll just have to see for myself!

2. Matilda

Do you remember the movie? I loved that movie. I have been a huge fan of reading books since a very young age, so of course I'd love little Matilda. This one is a bit newer than Wicked, yet it's received the 5* rating and I really want to see how they've transformed the movie into a play!

3. The Lion King

You know that iconic song from The Lion King? The one that makes you want to belt out and sing along? The one that makes you go 'Kaaaawapungaaaaaa....'  because you don't know the actual lyrics but it gets you singing along anyway - yep, imagine that in the theatre! Having seen this show, I cannot recommend it enough. It is absolutely amazing! Prepare to have your breath taken away, and fall in love with Simba all over again (secretly wishing you could own a pet lion - who doesn't?!).

So there are a few shows going on in London. Actually, Eventbrite are currently running something called the 'Hometown Hunt' project, where you can find out about the events going on in your local area (a lot of them are free). The events run from music festivals to classes to arts. It's so easy and a fun way to fill your spare time this summer! Here is the link to Eventbrite, the link to their selling tickets page and a link for you to manage your own event. 

I hope you get a few ideas of what to do, or what shows to watch. What are your favourite pass times, may it be watching a movie, going to festivals or baking - leave a comment. :)

*This post is NOT sponsored by Eventbrite, I just thought I'd give them a shoutout.