Wednesday 20 May 2015

June 2015 Calendar | FREE PRINTABLE

"Keep those important dates highlighted and have an amazing month of June!"

May is nearing an end, and as always, we have the next month to look forward to. June, for me, will be packed of exams, but it's also a month of freedom. Contradictory? Oh yes, but let me explain. My last exam is in June, so after that date, I am a free woman. Okay, that's obviously an exaggeration but you get my gist ;)

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Feel free to download away and print to stick up in your room, your study, at your desk, in your diary, in a planner, in a folder or even on your fridge. Keep those important dates highlighted and have an amazing month of June! 

If you want some ideas, here are some easy DIY's to do this coming month, or here's a list of movies to watch. Either way, enjoy it!

Tell me, any colour combinations you'd like to see in the monthly calendars? Leave them in the comments.