Monday 11 May 2015

Top 6 Spring/Summer Dresses - Under $10 | FASHION


"great for the various events throughout the season"
Dresses were made for Spring and Summer (well, I guess you could pull it off during the autumn and winter too, but ideally, it's Spring and Summer) and who would believe you could get some super pretty ones for less than $10! Whether you're a student watching your budget, or just don't want to splurge on the dress where the trend may not last until next summer - heck, if you just simply like the dresses, regardless of the price tag, read on.

Isn't it stunning?! I love stripes and the yellow border just makes this dress that extra special. You know they say yellow is the happiest colour? Well, doesn't this dress make you happy! 
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I saw this dress and instantly thought of laying by the pool or beach, chilling under the sun. Having said that, the piece could also be dressed up with some heels and a cute clutch. Either way, a versatile piece that could be a gem in any collection.
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So it looks like two different pieces, but really it's just one. The thing that caught my eye with this one, is that it's unique. Oh, and it's super cute! 
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Totally a casual dress - my favourites! This one that's probably harder to dress up - but perfect for a picnic-in-the-park kind of day.
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Did I mention I have a thing for stripes?
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Denim is practically always a trend for Spring/Summer, and a denim dress is totally a nice way to incorporate it. Another one for the picnic-in-the-park kind of day!
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So 6 dresses under $10, and all great for the various events throughout the season.
Tell me, what do you think of stripes? Fan or not-so-much? 

PS. I believe they ship worldwide ;)