Monday 4 May 2015

Everyday - David Leviathan | BOOKS


"my mind does somersaults and flips and thinks "what the heck, that it so weird... ""

You know when you're in that stage where reading is becoming much more regular? Then you think to yourself 'Why don't I do this more often - reading is amazing!'. Well, right now, I'm in one of those periods. In fact, you might have already been able to tell considering the many book reviews that you might have read recently on BBXO! But this one? This one is a little bit different, and here's why.

The story line is out there. It's about something I would have never thought of, let alone write an entire book about. David Leviathan does have a wacky way with things, as I noticed when I read Will Grayson, Will Grayson - which was a book written by both John Green and David Leviathan. Yet this time, it was way wackier. I'm talking somebody walking up as a different person every single day.

Ironically, I read in bed before I go to sleep, and when reading about this guy (or girl) walking up in a different bed every morning, my mind does somersaults and flips and thinks
"what the heck, that it so weird... imagine walking up in a different room everyday, different person, different family... woah that's crazy!".
Yep, that's what goes on in my head at nighttime.

"if you're also on the 'Good Vibes Only' bandwagon, then you know that this approves. "

Although it was an interesting storyline, I did find myself getting bored during some parts of the book, yet there was always a mystery about who A (a.k.a. the guy or girl whom wakes up in a different body everyday) is going to be the next day. That part was interesting. But that's kind of what the whole thing was about, and there wasn't that much of a bigger picture to the whole thing.

Adding to that, it was quite difficult to relate to, yet it had a unique concept on life. When I read the first few pages of the book, I remember thinking "This is one positive book". If you know me, or follow the Motivation Monday posts here on BBXO, you'd know I live for positive vibes. This book was very positive. So, if you're also on the 'Good Vibes Only' bandwagon, then you know that this approves. 

"It's about something I would have never thought of, let alone write an entire book about."

If you want a spin off from the usual Nicholas Sparks romantic or Hunger Games adventure book, give this one a go, experience life in a different perspective and let me know what you think.

Tell me, are you a fan of John Green/David Leviathan type of books, or do you reach for something less 'out there'?