Monday 18 November 2013

Candle Crazy!


I don't know if you feel the same, but candles are a slight obsession for me - I have one in practically every room and everyone that really knows me knows that they make me happy!

Being in England I haven't found the perfect place to buy candles. I mean in the US, I know there is a store called 'Bath and Body Works' which I WISH was available here!
They sell what seem like the best candles ever! Call me weird but I went onto the site and picked a few of the ones I would probably buy if I could:

Leaves is probably the most heard about candle from Bath and Body Works, especially for this time of year! People stock up for the entire year because they love this candle! Does it really smell that nice?! Let's just fly to America and smell it! This is number one on my Bath and Body Works list (okay, you caught me, I just made that list right now!)...
 I love the smell of cinnamon now - I used to hate it but nowI love it! I actually have a cinnamon and mulled wine candle (shown here) which is ALMOST finished :(
 First of all, can I just say, doesn't this look just GORGEOUS! It looks so girly and totally my style! I love the smell of vanilla too - who doesn't?! - and the rose image just tops it off - this would be #2 on my B&BW list!
This one looks pretty and like it would smell nice! You know there is no description on the website so your guess on how the candles smell are as good as mine! 
Lastly, this is a candle holder! Isn't it just the cutest thing ever!! So festive and it would look lovely! Oh, and watch out for more festive posts coming out next week on Wednesday! 

Okay, enough with my weirdness with candle obsession!
Images and products from here. At the moment you can save 45% by buying 2 of these candles!

Are you lucky enough to live near a B&BW?! 
Or if you live in England, where do you suggest a good candle place is?