Friday 11 April 2014

Current Love: Pretty Little Liars


Being a student and exam time coming very soon -so soon that I don't want to mention when exactly, because that would make them feel real and then stress me out- does that mean we can't watch TV anymore and should be revising? No, as I've watched like 6 episodes of one particular TV show in the few days and I loved every second of it! What TV show you ask? PLL of course! 

I am up to date with the 4th series, so if you're not there yet and don't want any spoilers, you may want to stop reading now... because I can't promise nothing slipping out!

Okay, if you have carried on: EZRA isn't A?!
I knew it! The moment they had shown Fitz in the 'A Room' I knew it was another 'Toby' incident and that he wasn't A, I mean come on!! Did you think he was A for any moment? Although, when they did show that he was A, I became very vary for Aria and was shouting at the screen when she lied to others in order to be with him!

So, Alison is alive and Spencer could have been the "murderer"? I think she might. That seems sort of realistic as she was on the drugs at the time, and the evidence does lead to her! How weird is that?!

If she was the killer, who the hell is A?! And why are they stalking the girls?
Do they want to reveal that Spencer is the killer? If they did, they could have done it all this time - I mean they do have some evidence and stuff!

Oh, and where has Cici Drake gone? What was her biggie in all of this!
Don't get me started on Mona - what is up with the girl dating Aria's little brother and what did she have to do with Ezra? All that Ezra went through was for a book? He was manipulating peoples lives for a book? That's deep!

So, to end that ramble about PLL - any suggestions on who 'A' is?!