Wednesday 4 December 2013

Dry Skin from Cold Weather?!


Now winter is full blown and yes, we're reaching temperatures below 0 degrees Celcius in England right now, it means to say you may be finding your skin getting drier? Even worse: Flaking!

You may think that its the cold weather that is actually drying out your skin - but this is a MYTH.
In reality it's the central heating in your home that is drawing out moisture from your skin. Notice how flowers kept near a radiator are likely to quench up and dry out? It's the same for your skin.

STOP your skin drying out by adding a humidifier to your home, or just your bedroom. Yet, these can be expensive and somewhat unrealistic to get. So, these are some easy ways you can add moisture to your home:

Dry some clothing on your radiator: this means the moisture from the wet clothing/material will evaporate and add moisture to the room

Houseplants: like I mentioned earlier, plants can get dry if near the radiator. Make sure to water the plant well so it a)Lives and b)Adds moisture to your room

 Or, you can simply use a dish of water: place a shallow dish of water near a radiator so again the water can evaporate and prevent the central heating leaving your skin cracked!

Oh, and if you currently have dry skin - apply some vaseline before you go to bed, and rub it in.

So, keep your room nice and warm, yet moist this winter and save your skin!

What's your skin saviour for dry skin?