Friday 13 December 2013

Weekly Roundup #9


Happy Friday! Hope you had a great week and can now relax - either watching chick flicks with the girls, chilling at home or a night out…
It feels like forever and a day since a Weekly Roundup has been writing… what does that mean? It's time for another Weekly Roundup!

Favourite Shoes: 
I tweeted a picture of these slippers when I put them out, right out of the box! I came downstairs on a cold, winter morning and my kitchen floor was freezing, like it might have snowed in my kitchen… so, I used this perfect timing to get out my PINK slippers!! I love these… and I swear other people in my house have been sneaking them on because they're never in the place I last left them!

Favourite Picture:
I took this picture and I can't say that I don't like that the sun comes up later during the day and goes down earlier in the night… so, maybe I am a vampire?

Favourite Food Find:
I went to a Turkish Restaurant the other day for a friends birthday. It was my first time in a turkish restaurant and the first thing I saw was a HUGE meat kebab thing… you know what I mean, right? Like the thing that looks like a HUGE chicken leg that has many tiny nibbles eaten from it… anyway, so my first worry was: I'm a vegetarian, what do I eat?! So, as anyone, I went for a Lentil Soup as the bread they served as 'starters' was amazing, naturally I wanted an excuse to eat more!!

Oh, and I can't believe this is my NINTH Weekly Roundup! It seems like the other day I did my first!

What's been your favourite of the week?